Our new rewards programme is here!

We want to reward you for being so wonderful and loyal to Neon Moon, so we have introduced a points system to say thank you.

First step to getting started is by making a Neon Moon account (you’ll get 200 points!)

The actions you make will earn you points, which will turn into coupons and then hopefully your own set of Neon Moon lingerie!


 Earn Points By: Rewards:
  • Creating a store account
  • £5 off
  • Make an order
  • £10 off
  • Adding your birthday
  • £20 off
  • Share website on Facebook
  • Share website on Twitter
  • Liking page on Facebook
  • Following on Instagram
  • Following on Twitter
  • Refer a friend


Get involved to find out how you too can use your points to earn rewards! More rewards will be added with time!

Thank you for supporting us, we are always looking for new ways to support you and women everywhere.