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Neon Moon - Our values

  • We actually give a sh*t about our impact on the world! Neon Moon is more than just lingerie, we are a brand with values we wish to share with the world. We hold ourselves to these values, because we believe it is the right thing to do for us, for the customer and the planet. We take responsibility for our actions and consider how they impact the world around us, and we urge others to do the same. To us, transparency is essential. We aim to supply beautiful, exceptionally made lingerie that's at an accessible price point to all, reflected by women who look like us, and run by our start-up British brand who wants to create positive change in the world. These are our main aims:

    1. Photoshop-Free

    We don’t use photoshop on any photographs of our models. We do not believe in editing their bodies, because everybody is a good body. Traditional flaws, such as cellulite, rolls, body hair, are all left untouched, because we don’t accept the notion that they are flaws. They are natural, thus deserving of more representation and celebration in the media.  A generation of girls are growing up, comparing themselves to bodies that don’t even exist. They are computer altered/generated ‘ideals’ that undermine any reality of women's bodies and we refuse to contribute to that.

    2. Sexualisation-Free

    At Neon Moon, we believe that a woman is sexy if she chooses to be, and there is nothing that she needs to do to achieve this. Women are sexual beings, but it’s not our bodies that our sexual. It’s our attitude and our confidence. We decide when we are sexy, not you. All our Neon Moon models are never directed in how they pose or behave. They choose how to feel in their Neon Moon lingerie and we encourage our customers the same. If you feel sexy, great! If you feel confident, awesome! If you feel comfortable, yay! We want to empower you to feel good about yourself.

  • 3.  
  • Objectification-Free
    The objectification of women is something that we see examples of every day. The Lingerie industry is particularly guilty of this, presenting women as an object for consumption rather than as a human being. We at Neon Moon are sick and tired or women being “degraded to the status of a mere object,” because we deserve better. We are women that breathe, women that feel, women that work, women that succeed. Our lingerie is produced with all this in mind because we believe women deserve better than the lingerie options that are currently on offer.

    4. Sweatshop-Free

    We believe it would be hypocritical to empower women in one place, by exploiting women workers in another. We want every part of the Neon Moon process to be empowering and ultimately to empower women everywhere. All our lingerie manufacturing is handmade, with love, here at our factory in Great Britain to ensure that it is ethically made.

    Neon Moon Manufacturing Factory

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