We want to provide you with more. Neon Moon Making is home of new styles, colours and sizes, with an aim for luxury quality as each piece is handmade just for your beautiful body.

Every 7 days, we add up all the orders for a certain size and style, ready for production. That way we can provide you with exactly what you want, no guessing involved, and no sold out stock that we have previously found in Neon Moon Made.

You are power. Neon Moon was built from community support, and by continuing to support us you are directly contributing to seeing our body positive lingerie brand succeed.

Neon Moon Making is made to order, and so production time is accounted for. This allows us to provide you with beautiful, comfortable, quality British made lingerie that is just for you. The trade-off between waiting time and seeing a lingerie brand that represents you better succeed, is definitely worth the wait!