Women Wednesday #18

Posted on 01 March 2017


We love how women are changing the world and making an impact to their home countries that we're talking all things awesome and new every Wednesday!  

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Indian Olympia Krishna Poonia is taking on something even more daunting to most than competing in front of millions of people worldwide. This time she’s taking on sexual assault, right at the source. While travelling through Rajasthan’s Churu district, she was horrified to see three men attempting to molest two teenage girls at a busy railway crossing. Not one other person so much as tried to help until Krishna got out of her car and chased them down herself, catching one and helping the girls file a complaint at the local police station. A beautiful example of women being there for other women even in the most difficult of circumstances, well done to Krishna and we wish the two girls involved justice.

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south africa women glasses(Moza Moyo / Africa.com)

Two incredible women are taking on the fight against colourism in Johannesburg. This form of prejudice against people, especially women, with deeper complexion has given rise to the need to celebrate dark skin and its beauty. Cue D(h)ark is a gleaming photo project that aims to highlight the beauty of blackness and uplift women in their varying shades. The project is a melanin fest, featuring striking photographs of the two women behind this initiative, Lerato Mbangeni and Nokuthula Mbatha. We’re in love with their project and encourage all women of colour to celebrate their shade of perfect!

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(Katie King / legal cheek)

 The first Justice First Fellows (JFFs) — a group of aspiring legal aid lawyers whose training contracts are sponsored by a legal education charity — have now qualified. Given the current state of the legal aid budget, forging a career in social welfare law is no mean feat, and the JFFs know this. Katy Watts, who trained at the Public Law Project, said she feels “incredibly lucky” to have taken part in the “innovative scheme”. It has provided opportunities beyond those of the average training contract. Workshops in fundraising, social media and project planning have helped these wonderful ladies develop the skills necessary for a social welfare lawyer in an increasingly difficult environment. Well done ladies! Keep up the fight for those who need it. Have a positive week,

Love Neon Moon x

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