Women Wednesday #9

We love how women are changing the world and making an impact to their home countries, so we're talking all news awesome and empowering every Wednesday!


Flag of India

Khabar Lahariya newspaper.
(Khabar Lahariya)

Khabar Lahariya, a women's Newspaper in India, has embraced the digital revolution and is now online and even shared via Whataspp. Set up 14 years ago, the Newspaper is a way for women from rural areas to tell stories from a feminist perspective. What was once a hand-delivered copy every fortnight, is now enjoyed by 700,000 readers a month. Shalini Joshi, the co-founder said“ I saw a gap in rural Uttar Pradesh and that region, and I wanted to bring more women into journalism and establish an independent newspaper.” Our group chats are ready!



Flag of Afghanistan
Paradise Sorouri

Paradise Sorouri, Afghanistan's first female rapper, is empowering women through her music. In 2010, Sorouri suffered a brutal attack to deter her from continuing her music and to demonstrate anger towards her refusal to wear a hijab, causing her and her rap partner to flee the country. She returned in 2012, as she knew that staying silent meant nothing would change. The backlash towards her work has been so violent, she has had to permanently relocate to Berlin where she say’s “The people of Afghanistan still need our voice, but from here, we can make it louder.” Keep rapping Paradise, we hear you.  


Flag of WalesWALES

The Project Shoebox Cardiff 2016 team stand next to a van filled with donations.
(Facebook: Project Shoebox 2016 Cardiff)

A group of women in Cardiff ran a campaign to bring Christmas gifts to women's refuges. The project was set up by Mali Taylor-Powell and she commented that, “If those women are having to go into shelters in Cardiff and don’t have anything for themselves I just have to do something.” The team managed to collect 610 shoeboxes, filled with everyday necessities such as toothpaste, shampoo, deodorant, sanitary items and a small luxury item to make it into a present. Well done Project Shoe Box, we are sure your hard work will be much appreciated.

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