Women Wednesday #77

We love how women are changing the world and making an impact to their home countries that we're talking all things awesome and new every Wednesday!

“Be kind; Everyone you meet is fighting a hard battle,” is the tagline for Shredded Secrets, the game which won the Girls Make Games’ National Demo Day 2018. Each year Girls Make Games runs summer camps across the United States where groups of young girls worked for three weeks to create a prototype of their game. The Sarcastic Shark Clouds from Seattle, WA, won the Grand Prize along with the Best Narrative award. Their game, Shredded Secrets, allows players to step into the lives of middle schoolers. Throughout the game, the stories of the students unfold and intersect as they work to solve problems and issues facing actual middle schoolers today — like bullying, body positivity, and self-confidence. Team member Gracie Clauson said their own personal experiences inspired them to create the game. “People can get really mean online when it’s not face to face,” said Gracie. “Kids that are being bullied are sometimes silent because they are scared or embarrassed when they shouldn’t be.” “But Shredded Secrets gives them the opportunity to learn ways to cope with these issues and find solutions” says another team member, Crystal Nelson. We love the idea and can’t wait to see what these amazing young coders will have in store for the future!
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In Ethiopia’s latest move to empower women, the country’s Parliament on Thursday installed as Supreme Court president a women’s rights activist whose achievements were championed in a movie promoted by Hollywood star Angelina Jolie. Meaza Ashenafi was a judge on Ethiopia’s High Court from 1989 to 1992 and then an adviser to a commission writing up its new constitution. She also founded the Ethio­pian Women Lawyers Association and helped start the first women’s bank in the country, Enat Bank. Meaza was selected to head the court by Ethiopia’s new reformist prime minister, Abiy Ahmed, who has taken measures to increase the role of women in what is widely described as a patriarchal society. In presenting her to Parliament, Abiy said she would improve the court’s ability to implement reform in the country and the demands of justice and democracy. Having women in positions of high power is invaluable and we believe Meaza will change Ethiopia for the better not just in the present but in the many years to come.
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Fanny Chollet is the first woman to qualify as a fighter pilot in Switzerland, having started her training in 2012. The Flying Officer (First Lieutenant) nicknamed "Shotty" was awarded her licence in 2017 and in 2018 completed courses that qualified her to fly the Swiss Air Force’s flagship F/A-18 Hornet combat jets. She's been part of the fighter pilot team since January 1, 2019. The 28-year-old from canton Vaud in western Switzerland regularly crosses the country at speeds of up to 1,900km/h (1,180mph). The law had to be changed in 2004 to allow women to become fighter pilots. Only 0.7% of the army and air force is female. At the beginning of 2018 there were 995 women in the Swiss army: 383 soldiers, 223 non-commissioned officers (NCOs), 95 senior NCOs and 294 officers. As of the beginning of this year there were 136 women in the air force. Chollet is one of only seven female pilots. The other six fly helicopters. Lets celebrate this new ceiling that's been smashed! 
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