Women Wednesday #76

We love how women are changing the world and making an impact to their home countries that we're talking all things awesome and new every Wednesday!

(@positivelyglittered / Instagram)
These women get their glitter on to showcase the variety and beauty in women. The #PositivelyGlitter project is a series of naked photoshoots where women cover their bodies in glitter to show that all women’s bodies sparkle. The founder, Roseanna Mae, started an Instagram account as a way to celebrate diverse body types, starting with a group of friends in Brisbane. “Some girls have body image issues, and this is such a fantastic way to aid in the journey of accepting yourself,” says Roseanna. The project found a loophole in Insta’s nudity rules by covering up with extra glam on areas like those scandalous nipples some women have. “Some of us enjoy being naked and all glittered up with friends because it’s a way of bringing up our sisters and helping each other to see the beauty in all of us.” To be fair, that does sound like a bloody fantastic time to us! The women now host photoshoots around the world and anyone can join in to get their glitter on for body positivity! Body glitter is a bit of a pain to wash off so we can only imagine this glitter sesh sticks around for months, a constant reminder of your sparkle.

(Twitter / @dis_sexuality)
There’s a serious lack of media representation of people with disabilities having sex. It isn’t spoken about, it is rarely portrayed in film and it doesn’t feature in your typical sexual education programme. So, if you are disabled, where do you get your information about sex from? And how do you find out about your own sexuality? Since 2015, the pioneering Indian NGO Point of View has been running a programme called ‘Sexuality and Disability’, which aims to educate women with disabilities about their bodies, their sexuality, and their rights. The NGO expanded their online platform to doing workshops on sexuality in 2015, tailoring them to a variety of different disabilities. Since then, trainers from Point of View have reached out to over 1,300 women with disabilities across India, working with young women from 14 years old up to adulthood. The NGO has done workshops across five different states in the country, in nine different cities, and in five different languages. They offer a workshop using rubber models for sex education of blind women as well as harassment and abuse, offering them not only more control on their bodies but showing them that their experiences aren’t to do with their disability.

(aerialzen.com) Greta Pontarelli is a 5-time world champion pole dancer. Oh, and she’s 67. Building on her history of gymnastics and martial arts, Greta only starting pole dancing at 59 years old to ward off osteoporosis which runs in her family. While researching activities that strengthen bones, she stumbled upon pole dancing videos on YouTube. "I was impressed by the pole dancers' artistry, strength, and flexibility. I knew this is what I wanted to do. Aerial art has helped me develop muscles that support and take the pressure off my joints,'' she continues. "I have never competed against anyone older than me; my competitors are 18-year-olds who could easily be my granddaughters," laughs the five times Pole Sports Masters Champion, who has also won 12 US Championships and 20 medals. Today, having won so many laurels, Pontarelli recalls that her first world championship was the sweetest. "Standing on the international stage in London and hearing the Star-Spangled Banner was surreal. It brought tears to my eyes," she reminisces. But, what's priceless to her is when people write to her about how she's inspiring them to follow their dreams. "It's more important than medals." Do Greta proud and follow your dreams!

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