Women Wednesday #7

We love how women are changing the world and making an impact to their home countries that we're talking all things awesome and new every Wednesday!


Flag of India

Women in India assembling solar lights.

(Renu Rakesh)

The Solar Urja Lamp project in Rajasthan intends to provide energy-efficient lighting to deprived households, and give economic independence to the women who make and distribute the lamps. The women can earn up to 20,000 rupees (£237) in 2 months and gives them a new breadwinner status. Maya Roat, a saleswoman within the project said, “I have never seen so much money in my life. I don’t know what to do with it!” Best of luck to the project and the women involved.


 Flag of the Philippines

Carmen Hijosa with a pineapple.


Dr Carmen Hijosa has created a new sustainable textile, from the waste of pineapple plantations in the Philippines. Leave fibres are woven into the Piñatex ‘leather’ and any left overs are returned to the plantations for use as fertilisers. Not only has she created a fabric that does not require “land, water, pesticides, or fertilisers,” she has created a way to support pineapple plantations, as farmers can sell their waste as a viable product. From iPhone covers, to trainers, it's exciting to see what it will be used for next. 


Flag of Sweden

Tess Asplund raises her fist in the air to protest against a Neo-Nazi demonstration in Sweden.

(David Lagerlöf)

At just five foot, three inches tall, Tess Asplund stood up against a group of over 300 Neo-Nazi campaigners. The activist appeared at a gathering of Nordic Resistance Movement (NRM) members in Börlange, Sweden, and stood defiantly in their path, with a fist raised in the air. “I have been fighting against these people for 27 years,” she said, “If you stay at home, they have won.” Tess has recently been named by the BBC as one of the most influential women in the world, following the viral momentum of the powerful image of her protest. Keep fighting Tess.

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