Women Wednesday #6

We love how women are changing the world and making an impact to their home countries that we're talking all things awesome and new every Wednesday!


Flag of Peru
Female prisoner in Peru knitting.

Female prisoners in Peru are being employed by Danish company Carcel, to produce knitwear from locally sourced alpaca wool. The idea behind it is to help “break the spiral of poverty” in the country, that has seen the number of women in Peru’s prisons doubled in the last 15 years. Many women had turned to drug trafficking to support their families, but it is hoped that this scheme while equip them with new skills and a fair wage to help them back on their feet. We wish them the best of luck and can't wait to see what they make. 


Flag of USA
Nadya Okamoto holds a Camions of Care package.

(Camions of Care)

An 18 year old Harvard Student, Nadya Okamoto has created a non-profit organisation, Camions of Care, dedicated to distributing menstrual products to women and girls in need. After experiencing homelessness herself at 15, Nadya realised that many women did not have access to the menstrual products they needed, and this had to change. As well as providing women with products, she also campaigns to remove the taboo that surrounds menstruation, so that women don’t feel ashamed to ask for what they need. Great work! 


Flag of Germany
Dinner club in Berlin, with food prepared by displaced women from Syria.
(Viktor Richardsson)


A new supper club is helping to facilitate the integration of Syrian migrants into life in Berlin. Journalist Anna Gyulai Gaal invites displaced women, twice a month, into her home to cook traditional Syrian dishes for a dinner party. Guests pay €35 each, providing essential income to the women who are prohibited from working due to their refugee status, whilst also enabling conversation and cultural exchange. It’s incredible that something so simple, is so effective.

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