Women Wednesday #55

We love how women are changing the world and making an impact to their home countries that we're talking all things awesome and new every Wednesday!
Annabel Vose was the only woman sailing in the sport's biggest event of the year, but the 22-year-old Britain made her mark, winning the Red Bull Youth America's Cup in Bermuda as strategist on the Land Rover BAR Academy team. Female participation on high-speed catamarans has been curtailed by their physical demands and weight limits, but a change in the youth event helped Vose win her place on the team. "I feel incredibly proud to have achieved this ... and hopefully will have shown all the teams that it's an advantage to have a girl on board. None of the other teams had girls and we did and we won," Vose told Reuters after the event. Vose, who is studying marine engineering at Southampton University, made her way through Land Rover BAR's selection process after winning four World Championships, one European and 10 national sailing titles.
(Thomson Reuters Foundation/ Nita Bhalla)
The Kung Fu Nuns are fighting the rise in sexual assaults in India by training women in self defense! The Buddhist nuns, who live in a monastery in the Indian Himalayas near Tibet, have trained in martial arts for years and are now using their expertise to empower women in their community. “Most people think nuns just sit and pray, but we do more,” says 19-year-old Jigme Wangchuk Lhamo, one of the nuns conducting the training. “If we act, people will think if: ‘If nuns can act, why can't we?’” Adding that the nuns decided to start teaching women’s self-defense after hearing about the rising rates of sexual assault, Lhamo asserts: “Kung Fu will make them stronger and more confident.” The Kung Fu Nuns first attracted global attention two years ago when they served as first responders after a devastating earthquake struck Nepal. As nuns of the Drukpa lineage, a thousand-year-old Buddhist tradition, the Kung Fu Nuns are committed to championing gender equality and helping the local community. Carrie Lee of Live To Love International, a charity which works with the nuns, says that "the Kung Fu Nuns are heroes of the Himalayas. They are fiercely compassionate and brave. Not even earthquakes, avalanches, monsoons and cloudbursts can stand in their way."
Ellen Johnson Sirleaf entered the history books when she became the Liberian President and the first democratically-elected female president on the African continent. She is Liberia’s 24th president and has successfully won two terms in office. Sirleaf is also one of the three personalities that was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize Laureate in 2011. Throughout her political career, Madam Sirleaf demonstrated her passion and commitment to hard work, good governance, and integrity. She has also played a key role in advocating for women’s rights, stressing the value of education as a means to end poverty, and driving economic development. She fought tirelessly for decades to ensure equality, freedom, and justice in Liberia. Today she is praised for revamping Liberia’s economy, improving national security, strengthening ties with foreign partners, and promoting good governance. Ellen never gave up on her struggles, and once said the wise words, ”The size of your dreams must always exceed your current capacity to achieve them. If your dreams do not scare you, they are not big enough”.

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