Women Wednesday #45

Posted on 06 September 2017


We love how women are changing the world and making an impact to their home countries that we're talking all things awesome and new every Wednesday!

Somalian flag


Somalian president

(Stephanie Mitchell/ Harvard University)

As Somalia slid into civil war almost 26 years ago, a family in Mogadishu sold everything to send a teenage girl to safety overseas. The 18-year-old arrived in northern Europe as a penniless and poorly educated asylum seeker. Now an expert in public health and an award-winning activist, Fadumo Dayib hopes to return to her homeland to end the killing and corruption and help lead Somalia towards prosperity and stability. Dayib is the first woman ever to run for the presidency of Somalia. “All I want is for my people to reach their full potential and exercise their constitutional rights,” she says, adding that by running for the presidency, she is exercising her rights as a Muslim woman. Dayib, who was the only female candidate in the country’s presidential election, pulled out in December 2016 due to the rife corruption. “I couldn’t go against my principles and values,” she’s said. She’s still not giving up and may form a political opposition in Somalia to hold the new government to account. Dayib says she has even conveyed this message to President Farmajo: “I said that if I am not in your new government for some reason… then I’ll be in the opposition, I’ll hold you accountable, you’ll wish you never saw me." We hope she gets the change Somalia deserves! 


Aspiring astronaut


Taylor Richardson who, in addition to already being a history-maker, a philanthropist and literacy advocate, is an aspiring astronaut on a determined mission to be the first African American woman to travel to Mars. As one of the youngest kids ever accepted to Space Camp, and currently a Mars Generation Student Space Ambassador, space and space exploration obviously excites Taylor. “I love everything about space. Space is everything, not just other galaxies and far off planets,” she told us. “Space is the tree I climb as a kid, space is every piece of art you’ve ever seen, and space is everything that happens in the universe including our little planet. Knowing that, not liking space would be crazy to me.” Now 13 and on a fast trajectory toward making her big dream a reality, Taylor recently raised over $20,000 to send over 1,000 kids to see ‘Hidden Figures‘ and spoke at the 2017 March for Science in Washington, D.C. In recognition of how remarkably inspiring she is, Taylor has now been featured in the ‘Inspired by Real Kids’ video series, a campaign by Lottie dolls which works to empower with dolls based on extraordinary girls. Remember Neon Moon friends, you can never be too passionate about something, reach for the stars!

Indian flagINDIA

Lady patrolling unit

(Harsha Kumari Singh / NDTV) 

According to a survey conducted by ActionAid UK in 2016, 79 percent of women in India have experienced some form of harassment in public. In response, cities are launching all-women patrol groups and police stations to stop the sexual violence and harassment, known as “Eve-teasing.” This past May, Jaipur hired and trained a whopping fifty-two women and formed their own “Lady Patrolling Unit.” Armed with martial arts, batons, first-aid kits and communication equipment, teams of two policewomen on scooters patrol schools, colleges and other areas of the city where there is a high concentration of women and girls. In addition to crime prevention, the female officers speak with women and girls, offering them a safe line of communication to talk about harassment. “Victims can be afraid to report sexual crime to a largely male police force,” one of the policewomen say in a video from BBC. The patrols are already seeing positive effects, and the city hopes to put more squads on the street in the near future. Women helping women is so important and we’re so glad that governments are finally taking this on board. Shout out to all these badass police women!

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