Women Wednesday #44


We love how women are changing the world and making an impact to their home countries that we're talking all things awesome and new every Wednesday!

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(Laurel Golio / New York Times)

There’s nothing quite like watching a five-foot-tall woman in rhinestones deadlift more than twice her body weight and then celebrate with a high kick. While spectators cheered her on, an announcer shouted, “She smashed the patriarchy with that lift!”. Can we get a hell yeah?! The Lift for Planned Parenthood, the first female and nonbinary powerlifting competition organised by the Women’s Stength Coalition, a new weight lifting group that combined feats of strength and political activism. Many lifters of the 35 participants replaced the traditional singlet with thatever outfit made them feel most comfortable. Children zipped through the crowd on scooters. One woman triumphantly hoisted her giggling son into the air after a nearly 300-pound dead lift. A first-time competitor, Sayeeda Chowdhury only recently started lifting weights, and while wearing a vibrant red hijab at the event, Ms. Chowdhury skilfully completed all of her lifts. “Lifting gives you that confidence to take over a room,” she said. “I have a narrative, I have a voice, I have a unique story to tell and I’m not as afraid to tell it anymore.” Huge congratulations to all the super-women and non-binary folk who took part, we salute your amazing strength!

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Woman in Siberian Forest
(Khakassky Nature Reserve)


Ever wanted to get away from everything? Take a look at the life of Agafya Lykova who’s lived in the wilderness of the Siberian forest since 1936, a two week walk away from the nearest village. She’s the last of her family who fled out there and has been living alone for 27 years. Living in a small hut with no electricity, she goes fishing, keeps her own chickens and goats, and grows her own vegetables, keeping an old-school existence. Her little plot is located close to a river about some 150 metres up a remote mountain side in the Abakan Range, in south-western Siberia. The family were discovered living off the land after being spotted from the air in the 1970s, they had no idea World War Two had started - or ended. Once the family was discovered they continued to live in the wilderness and, apart from salt, knives, forks and handles, they opted not to adopt any methods or items from the modern world. She often gets guests of journalists and volunteers so it’s not such a lonely life for her and she loves where she lives, refusing to go back to the city life. We love her hardiness; her style of life certainly couldn’t be done by just anyone.

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Pearl Recycling
(Pearl Recycling)


The sprawling city of Lagos produces 10,000 metric tonnes of waste daily and these wastes are causing major havoc to lives and properties. A young Nigerian lady, Olamide Ayeni-Babajide started Pearl Recycling whose main focus is to convert waste to furniture and decor. The organisation specialises in transforming recyclables like newspapers, straws, plastics, car tyres, old CD’s into household furniture and accessories for sale. She’s on a mission to reduce environmental toxicity, ozone layer depletion and create wealth for the poor and downtrodden by teaching them how to turn waste to wealth. Something I’m sure we can all get behind. So far she has trained up to twenty people since inception, and they’ve started utilising the skills and knowledge gained in their various localities, encouraging the economy. “Waste Management in Africa is pretty new and a lot of people are unaware of the treasures we have in everyday waste. We want to awaken the consciousness of Africans to treasures in waste and let them know that “it’s a waste to waste their waste”. Bit more upmarket than your usual macaroni picture frames but no less beautiful and creative. We hope Olamide gets the change she’s after and continues to save the world and the people in it!

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