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(The Siasat Daily)

Female clerics in Indonesia have made a step towards ending the marriage of young women in the country by issuing a ruling against nuptials for girls under 18. The Islamic fatwa, that all following the faith will be expected to comply with- came after the first all-female conference of religious scholars, which took place in the Javan city of Cirebon. Attendees came from all over the Islamic world, with scholars from Saudi Arabia, Pakistan and Kenya present. The call to raise the legal age of marriage from 16 to 18 will allow girls to stay in studies for longer, in a country where 14% of women are married before 18. Although not legally binding, it is expected to have a significant impact upon the political treatment of the issue in the world’s most populous Muslim state, with Indonesia’s religious affairs minister Lukman Hakim Saifuddin set to take the clerics’ decision to the administration. What an amazing change these women have made for girls!

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Women in animation


Women in Animation (WIA), and its younger French sister organization, Les Femmes s’Animent (LFA), together with various corporate partners (including The Walt Disney Studios) and French organizations, have launched the first Women in Animation World Summit, which took place at the Annecy International Animated Film Festival in France. Scheduled for the festival’s first day, Monday, June 12, the summit was a day-long symposium of panels and discussions exploring a wide range of topics related to the growing role of women within the industry, especially on the creative side where women artists are systemically underrepresented. “Our big focus for this year is on recognizing and understanding unconscious bias, an achievement which will help everyone work together towards WIA’s goal of bringing equity to creative leadership in our industry by 2025,” said WIA co-president Marge Dean. This summit is going to change the way women within the industry network and we can’t wait to see the projects that come from the ladies involved.

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(Agencies / Sixth Tone) 

If anything can distract China’s would-be jaywalkers from their law-flouting ways, it’s dancing grannies and small children — or at least that’s the logic behind a new video from the Tongzhou District government in Beijing. Beijing’s civilization bureau debuted the educational dance. ccording to Li Yanming, Party secretary of Beiyuan, a subdistrict of Tongzhou, many Chinese who jaywalk are elderly or middle-aged, and are often impervious to the monitions of traffic police. The square-dancing grannies in the “Waiting for Red Lights” video are ostensibly meant to appeal this somewhat stubborn demographic. The public relations stunt precedes the Beijing government’s plan to open 100 “I love zebra crossings” crosswalks in six central districts, before gradually opening more throughout the entire city. The special crosswalks will be manned by police, volunteers, and “public civility guides” tasked with maintaining order, educating pedestrians, correcting bad habits, and promoting general courtesy. During red lights, these traffic officials will sing and dance — or at the very least, chant and gesticulate — to show that red lights are for waiting, not for walking. Party secretary Li called the effort “very useful” for stamping out the scourge of “Chinese-style street crossing.” We’d love to see this rolled out to every little thing, can you imagine a don’t litter dance?!

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