Women Wednesday #38

We love how women are changing the world and making an impact to their home countries that we're talking all things awesome and new every Wednesday!
Mexico flag
Train tracks
Nineteen years ago, the Romero Vazquez sisters were standing at the side of the railway tracks with their grocery bags, waiting to cross. Little did they know that the approaching train would change their lives. On their way back from buying food for breakfast a train approached, "As it came past, a group of people on one of the wagons shouted at us: 'Madre, we're hungry'. Then another group passed by and shouted the same thing: 'Madre, we're hungry'." "So we threw them our bread, and then our cartons of milk." That simple, instinctive act of kindness by the young girls was to lead to the creation of Las Patronas, a charitable organisation which has helped tens of thousands of Central American migrants over the past two decades and which was awarded Mexico's most prestigious human rights prize last year. As they have for almost 20 years, Norma Romero and a few local women wait at the sides of the tracks, bags of food and bottles of fresh drinking water in hand. They’re the lifeline for hundreds of migrants every day. We salute you Las Patronas!


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Meet Peggy - the 96-year-old who has been volunteering to help the homeless at the Charles Thompson Mission Centre in Birkenhead since she was 16. That’s 80 years of dedication to those who have nothing. “As long as I have the strength to do it, I’ll carry on” Peggy, a bloody strong woman, says. She really makes a huge impact on everyone in the mission. She helps those sleeping rough and those who have homes but need a hot meal. They allow everyone to shower, get a haircut and all the little comforts humans need. Over her 80 years of volunteering, Peggy’s seen a lot of changes but the one constant is that people need her help. Until that goes, she’ll be there so as long as she can be and that’s incredible. Peggy is truly a selfless, kind woman who we should all look up to!


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female referee
​(Nigel Roddis/Reuters)

The appointment of a woman as a top-flight referee in Germany has been hailed as a breakthrough for equality domestically and a milestone for football. Bibiana Steinhaus has become an overnight celebrity since the announcement by the German football federation’s referee commission that she will take charge of games in the Bundesliga next season. The same organisation banned women from playing football as recently as the 1950s.Steinhaus told the DFB website: “For any referee, whether man or woman, it is the biggest ambition to be able to blow the whistle in the Bundesliga. I’ve spent many years working towards that and faced several setbacks. Which is why I’m very happy about the trust the referee commission has shown in me”. Any of you who watch any sport know how often the referee can be the centre of the player's frustrations. In 2014, the Bayern Munich coach Pep Guardiola stormed up to her to put his arms around her shoulder as he argued about a refereeing decision. She angrily shrugged him off, and it was he who faced criticism for his patronising behaviour, as well it should be but so often isn’t. Bibi is going to be an excellent addition to the Bundesliga games and we congratulate her on achieving her dream!

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