Women Wednesday #35

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Three generations of one mighty family graduating this year -- including a grandmother, her three daughters, and her granddaughter -- have been captured in one incredible photo! LaWanda Flennoy first decided to organise a photo shoot with Chicago photographer Darryl Hammond for her two daughters graduating from college, but her girls insisted that she be a part of it since she is also graduating this year. Flennoy is graduating with an associate's degree from South Suburban College, daughter Amari graduated from the University of Illinois with a degree in industrial engineering and daughter Paris graduated from Chicago State University with a degree in public relations, while her younger daughter Jade is graduating from high school and her granddaughter Brooklyn graduated from kindergarten. "The photo makes me feel proud, for a couple of reasons,” says Flennoy. “First, that I have been a role model for these ladies and second, that they have set out and accomplished their goals. Graduating was not an easy task for any of us, as we’ve all had setbacks and feelings of uncertainty. But this year, we’ve conquered them all.” Congratulations to all the Women of the Flennoy family!
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Marathon runners

(Karin Brogtrop-Beekman / Stylist)

When Karin Brogtrop-Beekman signed up for the Tehran marathon, she was joining women flying in from all over the world to run what would have been the first marathon in Iran to admit women – given last year’s race was open only to men. So what to do when, due to disorganisation and miscommunication, at the last moment it is decided that women are barred from the full 26.2 miles after all? Well, you stage your own secret marathon alongside of course, and power to the finish in peaceful protest. Told they could only run the 10k race, around 13 women jogged repeatedly around a local park before joining the official race for the final 10-kilometre stretch – making headlines around the world in the process. Taking matters into their own hands like the bosses they are. The women involved have made a powerful bond that will last as long as their inspiring ways!

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(Aaron Vicent Elkaim / NY Times)

At 98 years old, Dr. Brenda Milner is still breaking new ground in her 70-year-long career as a brain researcher -- a field she helped to revolutionise as a newly minted PhD in the 1950s! The eminent British neuropsychologist, who is a professor of psychology at McGill University in Montreal, is best known for discovering where memory formation occurs in the brain. For her many contributions to the field, she has been called the founder of neuropsychology. Today, as the recent recipient of three prominent achievement awards which fund her research, Milner is continuing her work to better understand the inner workings of the human brain. “People think because I’m 98 years old I must be emerita,” she says. “Well, not at all. I’m still nosy, you know, curious.” Nothing should kerb a women’s curiosity and nothing has kerbed Brenda’s. Keep nosy!

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