Women Wednesday #23

Posted on 05 April 2017

We love how women are changing the world and making an impact to their home countries that we're talking all things awesome and new every Wednesday!
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(Safety Pin Box)

Do you remember back when Trump was elected (yeah, we don’t like to think about it either) and masses of people started sporting safety pins on their clothes in solidarity with black Americans? Remember how often you saw people trying to capitalise on it? Well, two wonderful ladies decided to do something entirely different, and far more beneficial. Marissa Jenae Johnson and Leslie Mac created Safety Pin Box, a monthly subscription service challenges its users to do more with their outrage than display it. In exchange for $50–$100 a month (depending on the program) receive not a pin, not a pussy hat, but a lesson about racial bias and a task to tackle it. Plus, their cash contributions fund black-women activists through Black Women Being. They’ve both quit their previous jobs to focus on Pin Box full time and educate the masses, one subscription at a time. We salute them and their amazing work.

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 In most countries around the world, sex workers are criminalised by police officers. In Sandinista-run Nicaragua, sex workers are replacing police officers. The Sunflowers of Nicaragua, a woman-led sex worker collective serving as community mediators for the socialist government. In 2009, members of the Sunflowers of Nicaragua began organising against discrimination and violence within their communities. In 2015, Nicaragua’s Supreme Court of Justice asked members of the collective if they wanted to work as judicial facilitators in Managua. Now, the sex workers are accredited and have licenses signed by the Supreme Court of Justice to mediate small conflicts in their communities, which include problems between relatives and neighbours. Such an amazing collective showing the world that sex workers are just as important in the community as anyone else. They’re respected, capable women defending their own rights and safety as sex workers and contributing to the justice system in their country. How Incredible!

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Budongo Women Bee Enterprise is a co-operative beekeeping enterprise producing honey and beeswax products. In mobilising women in the Masindi region to become beekeepers, the enterprise uses the honey business as a vehicle for community development, including promotion of sustainable land-use and climate change adaptation. focuses on honey production, processing and manufacture of beekeeping equipment. It trains women - who pay to be members of the enterprise in turn for receiving training and equipment - to manage hives and production. The women sell their honey and beeswax back to BUWOBE, who then markets the produce. Building on its women members, BUWOBE raises communities’ awareness of climate change, sustainable land use practices and energy-saving technologies. The enterprise is also focused on sustaining the overall local environment and works with beekeepers on replanting land affected by deforestation. All this and they’re saving the bees! Such an incredible program for these wonderful women.

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