Women Wednesday #2

Posted on 02 November 2016



We love how women are changing the world and making an impact to their home countries, so we're talking all news awesome and empowering every Wednesday!

swiss flag

Red fountains in Zurich with protest signs.
(Moni_z / Instagram)

Feminist collective Aktivistin.ch dyed 13 fountains in Zurich red, as part of their #Happytobleed campaign. The campaign was designed to protest the Swiss Tampon Taxes, which currently means Swiss women pay an additional 8% for their ‘luxury’ sanitary products. It was also hoped that the stunt would start a discussion surrounding women's bodies, making menstruation more visible and to "fight for the right of self-determined sexuality for all genders." It also gave us a right a giggle.


Flag of Afghanistan


Female farmers in Afghanistan, growing cauliflowers.
(Adam Ferguson)


Women in Afghanistan are gaining increased independence after leading their village farming unions. New actions such as introducing cauliflower and beans to the crops, and establishing a supply chain to the capital are all initiatives being led by women. One female elder said, “Everyone invites me to parties and consults me on matters now,” due to her new found entrepreneurial status. We hope there are lots more parties!


Flag of Czech Republic

Czech Republic

Lucie Ratajova
(Jaroslav Legner)

wo players of the men's Sparta Prague football team are currently training with the women's team, after they made sexist comments about a female referee,  Lucie Ratajova. The players suggested that the Ms Ratajova, “head to the stove.” The club is now forcing them to train with the women’s team, to show them just how skilful women can be “somewhere else than at the stove.” Show ‘em ladies.

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