Women Wednesday #16

We love how women are changing the world and making an impact to their home countries that we're talking all things awesome and new every Wednesday!


Flag of Egypt

Women on Walls art.
(Women on Walls)

A project in Egypt is tackling women’s issues through street art and graffiti. Women on Walls was founded in 2012 has grown rapidly ever since. Hundreds of pieces of work, by female artists appear on walls around Cairo. One of the artists, Dina Saadi explains that the group "We have been using the walls to address one of the most important topics in Egypt: the challenges women face in a conservative society that involves many different issues, including the political, the social, the economic and the cultural.” As well as introducing women's issues to the public and making them visible for all to see, the project is empowering women by enabling them to participate in the global political scene of graffiti. What’s better than a wall? A women’s wall for sure!


Union JackUK

Project O
(Katarzyna Perlak)

A London-based duo, Project O are using dancing to confront the fetishisation of black and mixed women’s bodies. Both dancers have experienced racism and discrimination during their dance training, often being compared negatively to their white counterparts. One half of the duo, Jamila Johnson Small, said, “there was always an awareness of my difference.” The project is now turning that difference into a political and powerful weapon. The collaboration started in 2010, and since then they have taken over several traditionally white venues, from theatres to public bathrooms. They aim to spark conversation about the “painful and uncomfortable histories,” that have existed due to colonialism, and how those who have suffered as a result, are meant to build a better future. Their next performance, Voodoo, will premiere at London’s Sadler’s Wells Theatre on May 17. We will be there, will you?


Flag of Kenya

(Nairobi Play Project)

An Eritrean woman, Ariam Mogos has created the Nairobi Play Project, with the aim of helping to integrate refugees into communities, after witnessing Eritrean refugees in Nairobi struggling to access quality education and work opportunities. The Nairobi Play Project is a game design and computer programming initiative that “equips urban refugee youth and Kenyan youth in Nairobi with technical skills, 21st century skills, and a peace-building model to support the local integration of urban refugee youth into Kenyan society.” By encouraging people to tell stories, she believes that there will be more acceptance of different perspectives and experiences. We love hearing about creative and inspiring women, thanks Ariam! 

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