Women Wednesday #15

We love how women are changing the world and making an impact to their home countries that we're talking all things awesome and new every Wednesday!


Flag of Canada.

Portrait from the Bitchy Resting Face Project, by Mandy Tsung.
(Mandy Tsung)

To hit back at women being told to smile, a Canadian artist has started the Bitchy Resting Face Project, a collection of portraits of women's best bitchy resting faces. The message these portraits carry, according to artist Mandy Tsung, “is essentially about reclaiming our (womens) bodies and face,” and asking men to “respect her autonomy.” The portraits are based on photographs submitted by her fans, as it is very important to Tsung (as it is to us at Neon Moon) for diverse representation, by depicting “all ethnicities, abilities, and sizes...which we don’t see in most of our media.” The collection is currently on display at the Hot Art Wet City gallery in Canada and we urge any locals to go down and visit, or check out the rest of Mandys wonderful work on Instagram. Mandy also wants you to know that you don't have to smile the next time you are told to by a man and we agree!


Flag of Pakistan
A member of the SheSkills tech course.

(Webcertain TV)

Bootcamps are taking place in Pakistan to teach women coding, product design and digital marketing. SheSkills Tech Camps have been introduced after the realisation that only 14% of the technology industry is made up of women, and even less so in senior management. This is due to a number of factors; traditional gender roles in the country, women not being allowed to attend co-educational classes and female classes being to distant for women to travel to. It is hoped that the courses will enhance diversity in the work place, and empower women of all ages and backgrounds with new skills to pursue freelance and entrepreneurial work. Hats off to the creators for recognising the importance of including women in development and doing something about it!


Union Jack Flag.
A member of the Women in Sheds project, using machinery.

(Northwich Guardian)

Age UK, a charity in the UK will launch their Women in Sheds project, following the success of their Men in Shed venture.The idea of the project is to provide the elderly with a place to share and learn new skills whilst socialising. Women will be able to participate in hands on, DIY projects in the presence of friends. Once launched, the Women in Sheds will take place weekly. It is hoped to improve its users quality of life, by reducing feelings of isolation and improving overall health and wellbeing as well as providing lots of tea! We wonder what they will make first. 

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