Women Wednesday #14

We love how women are changing the world and making an impact to their home countries that we're talking all things awesome and new every Wednesday!



Women at the Washington March.
(Gillian Laub)

Saturday 21st January 2017 saw 673 events take place worldwide, all protesting for women’s rights, with turnouts accumulating to 500,000. We are astounded and moved by the power and strength of united women in such large numbers, and we believe it to be a historic day that we shall reflect on fondly and build on. The protests were primarily to demonstrate female outrage at the inauguration of Donald Trump, who has admitted to sexual assault and wishes to limit women's reproductive choices (to name a few of his unacceptable and oppressing acts). The marches were truly intersectional in that they supported the Black Lives Matter movement and also incorporated race, class and LGBTQ matters into their protests. After all, what good is your feminism if it isn’t for everyone? Thank you to all that marched and for the brilliant signs that came out of it. We hope to stay this united for the next 4 years.

Flag of Fiji

A member of the womens group pointing to their new honey boxes.
(Fiji Times)

A small, female led project in Fiji is changing the lives of local women. The Tosovata Women’s Group Honey Project enables unemployed women to keep bees and produce honey, providing them with some financially stability. The project started last year, where the group were able to produce 20 litres of honey, and invest in the project for higher production this year. Group leader, Vasiti Lewaseni recognises the importance of her project for bringing “women to work in unity” and that the “women have been empowered as they now feel they are business women.” Importantly, the Government has recognised the groups positive impact on raising living standards in the local community, and have supplied them with technical advice and 20 new double-honey boxes to help their efforts. We wish the project an even sweeter 2017!

Flag of Egypt

Female learner and female instructor in a car, with the driving school Direxiona.
(Independent Mag)

A driving school in Egypt has been set up by women, for women. The school, Direxiona was created by Journalist Nayrouz Talaat to battle social shame around the quality of a woman's driving and the act of driving next to a male stranger. Women can sign up online and be matched with a suitable female driver, which Talaat believes will increase the number of women learning to drive. Talaat was quite clear with her aims, saying that she wants to “empower as many girls as possible and make them feel confidently independent during their learning process on the road, and even afterwards.” Good luck with your tests girls!

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