Women Wednesday #13

We love how women are changing the world and making an impact to their home countries that we're talking all things awesome and new every Wednesday!
Flag of Bulgaria

Two Iranian Volleyball players.
(Angel Krasimirov)

 The first two women volleyball players to complete outside the Islamic Republic have relocated to a club in Bulgaria. The move challenges gender stereotypes at home in Iran, where it is still forbidden for women to attend men's volleyball matches. It also challenges the Islamophobia present in Bulgaria, where the wearing of a face veil was recently banned. The players, Borhani and Giveh, will be the first players in the Bulgarian league to be wearing a hijab, but they say that should not matter. "The hijab is worn with pride by the Iranian women," Borhani said. "Hijab is a belief, it's a religion and that's not important when we're playing." Their example will open a door for other Iranian players to play in Europe and think they are badass for leading the way!

Flag of USA


Cynthia Furse (centre) with two students.
(University of Utah)

Cynthia Furse, currently associate vice president for research at the University of Utah, has been awarded Governor’s Medal for Excellence in Science and Technology for her achievements in electrical engineering. Furse has been fighting stereotypes from a young age; “They said, ‘Girls don’t really do engineering. You probably wouldn’t like it…. I was reading about being an electrical engineer. I thought, ‘That’s pretty cool. I want to change the world.” As well as having 14 patents to her name, including a system that improves aviation safety by detecting faults in ageing wings, she is a successful lecturer and inspiration for younger girls entering the traditionally male, engineering world. Congratulations Cynthia!


Flag of BangladeshBangladesh

A group of Bangladeshi women.
(Paul Joseph Brown) 

A delegate for the European Union in Bangladesh has launched a photography competition themed “Women Empowerment,” to encourage creativity and more focus on the power of Bangladeshi women. The endurance and innovative spirit of Bangladeshi women in the face of economic uncertainty is hoped to inspire both Bangladeshi youth and global audiences. It is intended that the photographs will capture women's engagement in all aspects of life, such as education, government and sustainable development. It is open to photographers living in Bangladesh aged 16-30 and women photographers are strongly encouraged to apply. We can’t wait to see the images showcasing the wonder of women empowerment!

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