Women Wednesday #12

Posted on 18 January 2017

We love how women are changing the world and making an impact to their home countries that we're talking all things awesome and new every Wednesday!


Flag of Haiti

Female Hairdresser in Haiti.


An American hairstylist, Lynda Carlson is travelling around Haiti, sharing her skills to empower women. Volunteering for the Charity,Blessed Back Worldwide, Carlson intends to teach women the skills of hairdressing, giving them the tools for a better and more secure future. She says, "For me, it's really important for them to know that they can better their lives. They don't have to settle for what they have, they have a means to make a living and be able to raise their children and have a good life." She has made 20 trips to Haiti so far, and intends to make more. We think this is an inspirational example of dedication to support women elsewhere, thank you Lynda.


Flag of Nigeria. Nigeria

Merk More Than a Mother launch in Nigeria.
(Modern Mom HQ)

The ‘Merck More than a Mother’ campaign has been launched in Nigeria, to empower infertile women. The aim of the campaign is to destigmatise infertility in women, which is traditionally viewed negatively and harshly in Nigerian culture. The campaign aim's to achieve this through education and improvements in access to healthcare, so women and communities have a better understand of the matter. The existing stigma means that, “Women have not been coming out openly because they are traumatised” according to Aisha Alhassan, Nigeria’s Minister of Women Affairs and Social Development. It is hoped that the campaign will encourage women to reach out for support, which will enable them to lead happier lives. We wish the campaign and the women of Nigeria every success. 


Flag of USA.
Two members of a Girls Who Code club.

(Girls Who Code)

General Motors have announced a $250,000 grant to the nonprofit, Girls Who Code (GWC). GWC focus on offering free-STEM related programs to young girls, to reduce the gender gap that exists in the field of technology. The money will be used to expand the GWC school clubs that exist across the country, and General Motor Senior Staff will also act as mentors to girls who wish to go into the STEM field.  Hina Balock, the Manager of Global Social Impact and Stem for General Motors, commented on the gender gap; “everything around us is based on technology and not having more than half of your population engaged in that is a loss for everyone." We hope this inspires the new generation of women in STEM!

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