Women Wednesday #10

We love how women are changing the world and making an impact to their home countries that we're talking all things awesome and new every Wednesday!


Flag of UKUK

Amy Johnson in the cockpit.


easyJet has doubled the number of female pilots in a year after launching a recruitment drive. Named the ‘Amy Johnson Initiative’ after the first female pilot to fly solo from the UK to Australia, the programme had over 600 applicants. They recruited 33 female new entrant pilots, making women now 12% of all pilots in the company and they hope to increase this to 20% by 2020. Gender stereotypes are what holding women back in the air, the idea that women can only be cabin crew has stopped women applying, but that is changing thanks to examples like Amy. Here’s to many more women leading the way up in the air!



Announcement of Wonder Woman as a UN ambassador. (UN)

Wonder Woman has been dropped from her role as UN Ambassador for Gender Equality, following a series of complaints and protests from feminists worldwide. Wonder Woman was introduced as the an Ambassador in October 2016, but the choice quickly came under criticism because she is a fictional character, and an over sexualised one at that! Let’s use that space and platform for the strong women that do exist, and hopefully we'll see progress. 


 Flag of USA

Pulse dispenser

 (Toaster Labs)

Amy Buckalter, in Seattle, has created a product that is changing the lube experience. ‘The Pulse,’ is motion-sensor lubricant warmer and dispenser, designed to improve and simplify lube use. One of the ex-NASA scientists working on the project, Lilac Muller, thought; “‘oh my goodness, is there nothing that’s been modernised in this category since the beginning of time?’ Lubricant came into use a hundred years ago and it’s still the same old, messy, cold, inconvenient buzzkill.” The invention reflects the increased sexual emancipation that exists, and provides practical answers to previously taboo topics.  Three cheers for warm and easily accessible lube! 

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