Woman Wednesday #50

Posted on 06 December 2017

We love how women are changing the world and making an impact to their home countries that we're talking all things awesome and new every Wednesday!
Dr Hess and Baby
(Dr Amanda Hess / People)
Dr Amanda Hess was sitting in the delivery room ready to bring her child into the world when she overheard nurses saying that another mother needed to deliver right away because the baby was in distress. The woman, Leah Halliday Johnson, was fully dilated — but her doctor on call was on his way back to the hospital after leaving for break. Dr Hess quickly realised there was no time to waste and put her own delivery on hold to attend. Yeah, she went to deliver a baby while getting ready to pop her own out. BAD ASS. “I just put on another gown to cover up my backside and put on some boots over my shoes, to keep from getting any fluid and all that stuff on me, and went down to her room, and I knew her.” Dr Hess recognised the patient as she had performed a check-up on her days before. Both mums and babies are reportedly doing well — and Hess is expected to take eight months for her maternity leave. Dr Hess added: “I had actually taken a call the day before, so I thought really that I was working up to the last minute but this was literally ’til the last second.” No doubt she’ll always step up to help no matter what.
Georgia Flag
(Giorgi Lomsadze / Global Voices)
An ethnically diverse historic neighbourhood in Tbilisi has become the battlefield for an ongoing cultural war in Georgia over minorities’ rights, with two demonstrations – one by ultranationalists, the second against them —  pounding the pavements of the district in the space of four days. Chanting “Women’s disobedience begins!,” scores of women protesters marched down the avenue on July 19 to oppose the misogyny and racism that emanated from last week’s March of Georgians, a protest that primarily targeted migration by Muslims from the Middle East. RFE/RL journalist and popular commentator Salome Asatiani believes that the surge in nationalism and machismo is largely an attempt by those Georgian men who feel left out of today’s Georgia to reassure themselves. “They feel that they don’t fit in the modern criteria of success — they don’t speak English, can’t make money, so this whole we-are-the-real-men thing is a way to compensate and react,” she said. Women’s Solidarity March participants maintain they will not leave unanswered manifestations of either ethnic bigotry or male chauvinism. “I’m not too hopeful that the change will come soon, but we will do our part to push for it,” said free media and women’s rights activist Ninia Kakabadze. March strong with your heads held high ladies!
NZ Labour leader
(Marty Melville / New York Times)
Within 24 hours of becoming Labour’s youngest ever leader, Jacinda Ardern, 37, was asked twice about whether she planned on having children. The first time the question was broached she handled it with grace, explaining that she had been “really open about that dilemma because I think probably lots of women face it.” But radio interviewer Mark Richardson was less polite in his phrasing just hours later, as he aggressively demanded that she answer his questions on her future family plans. “Is it OK for a PM to take maternity leave while in office?” he asked, adding that the public “need to know that type of thing from the women you are employing.” Ardern, evidently, was less than impressed. She reportedly pointed her finger at Richardson, saying that while she understood the interest, it was “totally unacceptable in 2017” to ask such questions of women in a workplace. Yes girl. Shut. Them. Down. Can you believe she’s the youngest ever labour leader in New Zealand and she’s dumped with that instead of showered with congratulations? Yeah, us neither. Good luck to Jacinda in her new position and stay strong in the face of those sexists!

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