Why nobody really cares how you look

Posted on 18 May 2017

We all worry about how we look at some point in our lives. We worry about everything from our eyeliner being even (after many failed wing attempts) to making sure we can function enough in the morning to put an outfit together. What can make us feel even worse, is when we worry about the opinions of others. Often we over-analyse every situation we're in, and that's when our mind starts to tell us we are being judged when we're actually looking really fabulous!

It can take us years of our lives to come to the realisation that nobody, literally nobody, cares about how you look! If you're constantly feeling judged in public, here are 3 reasons why you're not!

Society has become much more accepting

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In today's age, people have become more educated on social issues and are much more accepting. This is something that we need to continue to push, but you will definitely come across so many more open people, that you can forget about the negative ones!

People forget, and they move on

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I can guarantee a lot of the embarrassing things you did 5 years ago, no one remembers them now, except you! It can take time but people forget, and they move on when something else catches their attention. Just like how you may walk past someone who you think is judging your outfit, 5 minutes later they'd be thinking about something else! The only person who will still be thinking about it sometime later on, is you! Be kind to yourself and be free from the negative thoughts!

People are way too caught up in their own thing

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This is too true. Often the world around us is too caught up in its own thing, that there is no time to care about what anyone else is doing! We all experience this ourselves. Someone could be doing the craziest thing in front of you, but you may be too busy thinking about an upcoming deadline whilst on your commute that you don't even notice. 

So try not to let the fear of judgement affect your ability to make good decisions for yourself. Once you've overcome your fear, you will become so powerful and in charge of your own destiny. Be fearless in what you pursuit. Imagine where your life could take you! We believe in you, queens!





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