Neon Moon Sponsored A German Artist's Bra Exhibition!

Neon Moon Sponsored German artist

Earlier this year, the Bielefelder Kunstverein held a unique exhibition with Neon Moon’s lingerie as props. Based around the preservation and development of contemporary art, the Kunstverein is part of a nation-wide network of German art spaces and has been awarded the Art-Cologne Prize as best art space in 2014. The the exhibition was held from January 30 to April 10 and it was London-based artist Rosalie Schweiker’s first solo exhibition in Germany. She filled the gallery space with bra displays, with cup sizes ranging from D to N. More than just a showroom, the exhibition also presented the history and socioeconomics of bras, all in a funny and light hearted way with the use of crockery for boobs.

Neon Moon Rosalie Schweiker Exhibition

The nine-week show was dedicated to the bra as a symbol of female empowerment and also hosted a variety of events. These involved guided tours of the space with a salesperson or bra designer, talks with breast surgeons and psychologists on self-confidence and body-positivity, yoga sessions, and an evening dedicated to bra fitting with Schweiker as the model. Shweiker also made her exhibition humorous - her art did not intend for bras or feminism to be taken too seriously. Instead, she aimed to relieve some of the pressures that society has put on women and instead finding the humour in your first set of underwear, or your most worn knickers.

NEON MOON Sponsored artist

Over 10,000 visitors saw the exhibition and were able to enjoy the exciting events. After the exhibition, all bras used were donated. Upon her return to the UK, Schweiker hosted an informal evening at Toynbee Studios in East London which she entitled ‘Bra Talk’ as well as being on London Live. The aim of the talk was for the artist to share what she learned from her bra show in Germany, as well as talk about her project to open a bra shop for DD+ cups.

Neon Moon Hayat Rachi

Neon Moon CEO and Founder Hayat Rachi was among the special guests at the event, as a supporter of Schweiker’s art and to share thoughts and criticisms about the bra industry, and what we can do to change it. Hayat got the opportunity to share her personal experience, her brand’s philosophy, and what it’s like to be an openly body-positive brand in the world of social media.

Neon Moon Rosalie Schweiker

In the past, Neon Moon has also sponsored a play from the French feminist theatre company 411 Pierres. Their amazing show was called King Kong Théorie and was showing in Les Dechargeurs Theatre in Paris.

Neon Moon French Play Sponsor

For Neon Moon, sponsoring a female artist in a male-dominated field is always humbling and rewarding. We love doing it as it is so important to support women in the arts field, but also because we get to share our experiences and learn so much from the amazing women who create these projects. It’s great to see how our Neon Moon underwear and art can be fused together and we are looking forward to finding new ways we can challenge ourselves and see our lingerie in a new light with the help of art.