Q&A With #NeonMoonModel Isabelle!

Age: 22
Gender: Female


What made you want to be involved with Neon Moon?

I love how the company promotes and celebrates women. It’s fun, inclusive and all-round fabulous!

Who has influenced you most throughout your life?
My badass mother who is a self-love coach (quite convenient!). 

She always allowed and encouraged me to express and explore my feelings which was such a gift. It’s that self-awareness that helped me to accept all of me. 

What has been your hardest struggle to overcome? 

My hardest struggle is that critical voice that often comes alongside deep drive and passion. The negative little voice that makes me feel like I’m not enough. Now I realise that voice comes from a lot of toxic social conditioning that isn’t true. So I practise yoga, dancing and listening to good tunes to stay in my happy place.

If you could give one piece of advice to women all over the world, what would it be? 

Love yourself NOW️

When have you been the proudest of yourself? 

Right now- I’m following my dream and doing what I love!

What was the highlight of the Photoshoot?

Being with authentic women who are all on a mission to inspire other women to feel great in their skin and sexy in their underwear