Q&A With #NeonMoonModel Elise!

Age: 30
Gender: female 

What made you want to be involved with Neon Moon?
My friend sent me the link to apply and I was apprehensive until I looked at the website and social media and saw how much of a female empowering body confidence brand this was and I wanted to be part of it. 
Who has influenced you most throughout your life?
I would say my mum, she is an incredible woman and I can only hope to be a small part of the woman she is. As a woman, she has faced so much in her life and despite all of that managed to raise me and my sister on her own and she did a great job if I say so myself! She has taught me to always believe in myself and go for it and she is proud of all that we do however big or small. 
What has been your hardest struggle to overcome? 
I would say my self-esteem, I am still working on this but have come such a long way. I would never have posed for photos in lingerie a couple of years ago but getting older and learning more about who I am I realise that what I think about myself is what counts the most and thoughts are very powerful negative and positive so be kind to yourself, channel your inner Beyonce and get going! 

When have you been the proudest of yourself? 
I would say when I travelled alone in Central America. It was something I've always wanted to do but was always too scared to and then unplanned I did it and  I had the time of my life. I also learnt a lot about myself on the way and very proud of putting myself completely out of my comfort zone. 
If you could give one piece of advice to women all over the world, what would it be? 
You get one life, one body and we can only be who we are, so be unapologetically you. People will always have an opinion but yours matters the most and true happiness is when you stop caring what others think. 
What was the highlight of the Photoshoot?
Having my make up done and feeling all girly, also meeting so many awesome people. 

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Hayat - CEO & Founder, Neon Moon