Q&A with Neon Moon Model Nyome!

Posted on 23 March 2017

BLACK IS BEAUTIFUL. From the very first time we were told not to include a black model by a business mentor because it might be perceived as 'excluding the market', we had to defy this and launch Neon Moon with a beautiful and strong black woman in all her glory on Kickstarter. And now we're so happy that our new Neon Moon model Nyome is here to revive the exact same aura! Showcasing that being a curvy babe, a plus size activist and werking that black girl magic can happen all in our all white Neon Moon lingerie! We love representing diversity and showcasing the beauty in all, and are so happy to include Nyome to our Neon Moon model family! Cellulite and stretch marks are just as beautiful and natural and no cellulite and no stretch marks, and we embrace you with all of your uniqueness. Photoshop-free. Isn't she just a Neon Moon babe?! We asked her a few questions below, enjoy!

Name:  Nyome Nicholas – Williams
Age: 25
Agency: Models Plus Ltd

1. Where is your name from?

My name is derived from the bible name Naomi, but my mum wanted my name to be different as she knew it would be individual and not to many people would share the same spelling as mine.

2. Are you a feminist? 

I would say I am a feminist and proud to be one.

3. What are your thoughts on body positivity? 

Body positivity is something I have struggled with for a long time, well since I started secondary school at the age of 12 but back then the term Body Posi hadn’t be coined yet. I used to struggle with my body; my hips in particular and used to question why they were bigger than the girls in my class.

Body Positive to me means that I am positive, fearless and loving the body that I have and have been given. (This is not always an easy thing to do) The media and societal constructs have ingrained such a negative notion on bodies that do not fit in with the “acceptable” and normal body standard… a standard, which frankly does not exist because we are all unique and have different shapes and our bodies are the vessels that show this and the differences are such a wonderfully beautiful thing.

4. Have you ever modelled lingerie before Neon Moon?

No, never had a full lingerie shoot before the shoot I did with Neon Moon. I have only ever done shots in my underwear to promote equality for all Bodies!! The shoot with Neon Moon was the hardest shoot I have ever done, having to expose myself for everyone to see… But this is what I am learning if I can push through and break the barriers and show that my body is normal and allowed to have rolls, stretchmark’s and cellulite then eventually ALL women, in all sizes, shapes and heights will eventually be showcased in the right way across all media outlets.

5. How did you become a model for Neon Moon?

Funny story actually the CEO Hayat put out a status out on her social media looking for a Black woman to start modelling for Neon moon. Kitty (My fellow Neon Moon Model) put my name down as someone who could potentially Model for Neon Moon. I got in contact with Hayat and sent her my details. A couple of days later Hayat got in contact and told me that she would like me to be her new Neon Moon Model.

6. What do you think about Neon Moon?

I think Neon Moon are REMARKABLE they make Body Positive Lingerie that is made and accessible to ALL women of all sizes and body shapes. This makes me smile every time I say it. Neon Moon allows women to wear stylish and comfortable lingerie pieces, but the lingerie allows women to be free within ourselves and expressive as individuals. What Neon Moon is doing for lingerie and women alike is genius. Not to mention the founder and CEO is completely understanding of women and is aware that we are all made differently and is able to cater to our differences. Neon Moon is making history.

7. As a plus size model in the fashion industry, what advice would you give to others who are trying to love themselves?

Take your time, this is the advice I would give; do not rush yourself. As we get older we learn how to love and appreciate every aspects of ourselves, this can happen daily if we put the work in and do not let the views of others come into play when we are working on loving ourselves. Say positive words to yourself in the mirror, write down all of the things you love about yourself and stick it on your wall (This is what I do) and it really has helped and continues to help me. If you are having a rough day – you are able to look at those words on your wall and remind yourself that you are a Queen.

8. What projects are you currently working on apart from Neon Moon? 

I am working on a few projects at the moment, more so for my personal Blog Curvy Nyome and also trying to create engaging content in regard to anxiety and being a Plus Model; and finding ways to help myself and others to overcome anxiety whilst being in this industry.

What do you think of Nyome's Q&A? Let us know below!



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