We Took Part in Two Awesome Body-Positive Fashion Shows

Posted on 11 October 2016

A few weeks ago, Neon Moon's lingerie was in a fashion show hosted by the amazing ladies who run ProjectFEM, The Fashion Empowerment Movement. 

CEO and Founder Hayat Rachi was at the event with the Neon Moon team, representing the brand and we had an absolute blast! The body-positive fashion show was hosted in Cargo in East London and it was a great success. So many of our awesome supporters came down to Shoreditch to enjoy the show and see the Neon Moon pieces presented on the catwalk. We loved speaking to each and every one of you, so thank you for coming down to see us!

Neon Moon CEO Hayat Rachi
ProjectFEM was started in 2015 by Holly Campbell, with the aim of bridging the gap between fashion, feminism and sustainability, and raising awareness about how one can make more conscious fashion choices. At Neon Moon, we obviously loved the message that the event organizers are aiming to spread, so we had to get involved.

Stylist Georgie Clayman paired our lingerie brilliantly with a few of the pieces from the other brands which supported the event. Everyone was stunned by the gorgeous combinations and wanted to take pictures of the designs. And the models themselves enjoyed wearing Neon Moon too, not only for how amazing it looked under the mesh dresses and see-through jumpers, but also for its undeniable comfort. They all told us how much they loved our lingerie because of how well it fit them, and how soft and comfortable they found it.

Neon Moon at ProjectFEM

In line with their ethos, ProjectFEM’s organisers had chosen models of marginalised identities. We couldn't have been happier seeing the spotlight on people of different races, genders, and sexualities! While the fashion industry traditionally only represents a particular type of woman in advertisements and on the catwalk, ProjectFEM was a different, inspiring event, dedicated to actually making a change in the representation of bodies in the industry. Such a breath of fresh air!

The fashion show organisers did an amazing job showcasing diversity and that’s exactly why we are so happy we got involved and supported their project. Thank you to ProjectFEM for your dedication to an important cause and for putting together an awesome event!

We were involved in another similar event earlier this year, when we were featured in the first Label fashion show, by Jo Boon at St Andrews University in April. Their event was focused around body-positivity and liberation and involved fashion brands that are making a difference in the business.

Neon Moon at Label Show
Whereas lingerie brands would usually use models of a certain demeanour, or with certain features, we pride ourselves in being different and represent that difference through models who do not conform to the narrow standards of ‘beauty’ needlessly enforced in society. That’s how the Label show proved to be another great fit for our lingerie - the organisers and models were all like-minded people who had put together an awesome body-positive catwalk, which Label creator Jo Boon called ‘a platform of self-expression and a celebration of identity’.

The aim of the show was to promote diversity and involve models no matter of shape or size, just as Neon Moon does. Label’s motto is ‘to celebrate beauty with a difference across gender, sexuality, physical diversity and mental health’ and they definitely represented that on the night of the show. There is undoubtedly a need for events like these worldwide, and it’s inspiring getting to be part of them. Of course, there’s much more work to be done in challenging the industry, but the progress made recently is impressive, and we will keep on fighting.

It’s amazing to see more and more organizations and fashion shows embrace the body-positive message, working hard towards being inclusive and representative of everyone. Marginalized identities need to be represented and should be put into the spotlight - because all bodies are good bodies.



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