Lets Talk: Ethical Manufacturing

Here at Neon Moon, we absolutely stand by having a sustainable supply chain. We also want to be completely transparent with you, our incredible supporters and customers. This is why we were so excited to introduce our Fabulous Factory Families to you recently. If you beauties haven't checked out behind the scenes of one of our factories yet, take a look here. We are 100% sweatshop-free and will continue to be as Neon Moon grows. As a brand, we could never empower one woman to exploit another.

Neon Moon's Fabulous Factory Family
The amazing Garment Guru's Hazel, Anne and Myra from one of our

Fabulous Factory Families

This is why we wanted to tell you all about how exploitation of those in the garment industry doesn't just happen in China, or Bangladesh. It also happens here in the UK, which comes as a shock to many people. In January, Channel 4's Dispatches, the investigative current affairs programme, aired their investigation episode "Undercover: Britain's Cheap Clothes" in to the unethical practices of manufacturing here in England. This shocked many of the public who were under the misconception that this wasn't happening in the UK. Viewers we're surprised to see a variety of retailers whom had their garments manufactured in factories with poor treatment of employees and dangerous working conditions. The locations of these textile firms where many retailers garments are created? Leicester. 

In many third world countries the poor treatment of employees and unsafe working conditions is happening within many factories. We cannot forget the tragedies such as the Rana Plaza collapse in Bangladesh on 24th April 2013, the 8 storey building where 1,135 people lost their lives due to neglected safety measures from the owner. It's devastating to think it's the deadliest incident to have hit the garment industry. This is how the amazing force Fashion Revolution came about. Founder Orsola De Castro founded the cause following the Rana Plaza collapse to change the way that clothing is sourced and produced to put an end to exploitation and reduce the damage that the fashion industry is making on the environment. Neon Moon have been proud to get involved with the important movement. 

Fashion Revolution

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Manufacturing in the UK has many benefits. Around 550,000 people are employed by the fashion, textile and retail industry in the UK according to figures from Fashion United. The manufacturing industry employs around 140,000. Working with factories based here also means shorter lead times, meaning your stunning lingerie gets to your door as quick as possible. Fab! But for start up brands, it can be super hard to work with only UK factories. Lingerie factories are far and few in the UK. There is many more opportunities to create more products to sell and much more flexibility when looking in to outsourcing abroad. This can be the difference between a start up brand getting products in to new markets or not, and ultimately growing.

We want Neon Moon to be your go to brand for comfy, feminist lingerie. Quality is incredibly important to us, as those babes who have purchased our lingerie will know. As we grow our Fabulous Factory Families, we promise to not compromise on quality. As a team, we will be regularly visiting our FFF's from across the pond to ensure that production is of the highest standards, the garment guru's are being paid a living wage, that they are working in a safe environment with fair conditions. As a company whose core values of supporting women are integrated in to our brand DNA, we always want to be transparent and know who is making our lingerie. Being a sweatshop-free brand is a promise we will continue to keep as we expand our Fabulous Factory Families. We also ensure that fabric wastage is kept to a minimum as this has an environmental impact, and we care for our planet.

Neon Moon Fabulous Factory Families

One of our incredibly talented garment guru's

Overall, mistreatment of garment guru's happens across the world, in a variety of countries. We want you Neon Moon Babes to know that no matter where your lingerie that has been crafted with love by talented garment guru's, that all employees are:

  • Paid a living wage relative to that country's minimum wage
  • Working in an environment that meets Heath and Safety standards
  • Receive fair working hours with the required breaks
  • That each and every single employee is happy within their job

We are super excited to begin working with factories abroad, especially with our latest collection, and to work with factories that fit the above criteria as Neon Moon continues to grow!

We cannot wait to introduce to you our new Fabulous Factory Families in the future whilst still providing comfortable, feminist lingerie that has been made sustainable and responsibly. The Neon Moon team will take regular trips to our FFF's to ensure our lingerie, is made the right way. We hope you will continue to support us as we expand our FFF's and grow Neon Moon as a brand who will continue to empower women and change the world.