Januhairy: Would you stop shaving for a month?

Laura Jackson, founder of Januhairy, wants to bring the topic of body hair to the table for the month of January. Most women are brought up believing the only way to be a woman is to be hairless, and shaved from top to bottom - but is this necessarily good for everyone? What about women with PCOS, or those who fight back to reclaim their natural state?

Januhairy Laura Jackson
Laura Jackson, Founder of Januhairy


Laura is a drama student from Warwickshire - and had to play a part that required a women to showcase her body hair. Despite feeling uncomfortable she started to embrace her body and for the first time questioned why she didn't shave.

We at Neon Moon definitely believe in the notion of questioning why certain things are done the way they are - including social norms that are expected of women. 

So women all over the world started to hear and participate in #januhairy, and so did we - we have sponsored Januhairy's 2020 photoshoot to showcase the beautiful diversity there is in the world. We're all about empowering badasses to do whatever the hell they wanna do - and to do it with pride.

We caught up with Laura to interview her all about Januhairy, watch below to find out more!