How To Find the Perfect Bra Fit

We all know the importance of a well fitting bra. Bra fitting is almost religious at this point. The campaign to get boobs snug inside their holders is taking off and thankfully so. We’re all getting a little more knowledge of the lingerie industry too, finally understanding what bra sizes mean is a great help!

Checking your bra size should be a regular habit since breast size can fluctuate a lot. But who can be bothered traipsing out to get fitted in-store all the time? We’re busy folk with a whole lot going on, sometimes venturing into the high street isn’t quite as convenient as we need. Besides, knowing your measurements is very handy for checking the brand’s size guides!

No stress, we’re here to help you find your perfect fit and all you’ll need is a measuring tape and your beautiful self! If you have someone to give you a hand that would be a bonus too since sometimes measuring can be a little fiddly!  

While our pictures feature a lovely triangle bra, all your measurements should, of course, be taken while bra-less and topless! For ease sake, measuring in inches is highly recommended, if you measure in cm you’ll have to convert anyway!


Measuring Your Underband

How To Find the Perfect Bra Fit

The under-band is the circumference of your body right under your boobs, around the ribcage. If your boobs aren’t self-supporting, you might need to lean over a little or just lift them up to get to this measuring point- it must be where the breast tissue meets your torso.

When you measure this, ensure that your measuring tape is parallel to the floor since your bra should be too!

How To Find the Perfect Bra Fit

To get a good fit, you want to take one essential measurement:

  • Pull your tape so it’s slightly indented into your sides but not too tight. This should be around how you want your bra fit to feel so make sure you are taking a neutral position, don’t breathe in or out too much!

Now, as you’ve probably noticed, band sizes run in even numbers so you want to round this measurement to the nearest even number. This is your band size in the UK! (not in the UK? It’s alright, keep going for now).


Measuring Your Bust

How To Find the Perfect Bra Fit

Now time to measure your boobs themselves, this will give you your cup size!

The very best way of finding your perfect cup sizes requires 3 measurements. If you’re stuck for time, you should just use your standing bust measurement. When taking the following measurements, do your best not to distort, squish or push together your breast tissue or you may risk fudging your numbers. If you’ve got quite prominent nipples, it’s completely fine to push them down a little while measuring. As before, do your best to keep the measuring tape parallel\!

Now, the three numbers your looking for are:

  • Your standing bust. Standing (or sitting!) neutrally (not breathing in or out), wrap the tape around the fullest part of your bust.
  • Your leaning bust. Again, chill out in a neutral position but this time you’ll be leaning forward 90 degrees or just as much as you can.
  • Your lying bust. No, we’re not saying your boobs are telling fibs, we just need to you to take a little lie down. And again, measure the fullest part of your bust while having a relax! We know bigger busts can slip into your armpits a little but you’ve got to measure where they fall naturally!

Finally, Finding your Size!

Important: we’re going to be finding your UK bra size here. This is because we’re UK based but also because in the UK, bra sizes are standardised. Since bras are based on measurements, it might seem odd that sizing is not standardised in the US and other countries but it does differ brand to brand. Some may add up to 5 inches to your underbust measurement to find your band! So you’re always best knowing your measurements so you can check the brands size guide!

So, time to get on with it.

Cup Size

To calculate your cup size you must first find your average bust measurement by adding all three of the measurements you’ve just taken together then dividing them by 3! Now, you have your underbust and your bust, but it’s the difference between them that gives you your cup size. Use the chart below to find it out! As always, round to the nearest full number for the difference, there’s not really any other way you can!

How To Find the Perfect Bra Fit

Now you might think that’s you good to go but there’s a lot more to finding the perfect fit of bras! Shape, like projection and fullness, also plays a role in how well certain bras will fit! We always recommend trying on when you can!

But you have the basics, which is a great starting point. Time to get trying!