How To Be A #Girlboss

Posted on 14 September 2017

Okay, we know the expression is problematic. Why is a Girl Boss any different from just a Boss? Why must we impose gendered categorisation on the Boss mind set? We should aim to denaturalize gender, not reinforce it and perpetrate harmful stereotypes that women are different in their leadership to men. Nonetheless, #Girlboss is a bestselling sensation, and has become more than just a book, it has become a movement (thanks, Lena Dunham, for that bitta journalistic wisdom).

According to their website, #Girlboss is ‘a platform inspiring women to lead deliberate lives. With intention, destiny becomes reality’. This is an ethos that the Neon Moon team can definitely get on board with. As Neon Moon is a ground up movement to empower women into leading the authentic life that they desire, the #Girlboss movement is definitely in line with our feminist ethos.

Sophia Amoruso Girlboss

Sophia Amoruso / The Source

The #Girlboss book documents the life of Nasty Gal founder Sophie Amoruso and follows her grounds up journey from petty theft, selling clothes on eBay to eventually eight years later being the founder and Executive Chairman of Nasty Gal, a thriving online fashion company, outlining just how she became a #Girlboss. The #Girlboss foundation does amazing work, awarding funding to female entrepreneurs to empower creative women all over the world. As Neon Moon was born from awarded funding from The Prince’s Trust charity, we definitely know how important financial grants are to helping women build their future.

Even if you don’t have a business bone in your body, this movement is definitely worth getting on board with. And, for your personal endeavours to be a boss in your everyday life, Neon Moon has compiled their very own tips below on how to be a #Girlboss (even when you’re hanging the washing out or writing a blog post). So keep reading to see how to boss the ordinary, and extraordinary, stuff.

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Tip #1 Don’t Give a Fuck

Straight to the point. The less you care about other people’s opinions of you, especially if they are ungrounded in any factual resonance, the clearer your path will be, especially regarding important decision making. If anyone says you can’t do something, they don’t know you very well. You are capable of anything you put your mind to.

Tip #2 Don’t Compromise

Once you stop giving a fuck about irrelevant opinions and unconstructive criticism you will realise that compromising, especially if it is compromising as a direct result of having lack of faith in your own ideas and passion, will actually be the source of all the roadblocks ahead of your final goal.

Tip #3 Compromise

Okay, yeah, we know we just said not to compromise. However, in certain conditions making compromises on certain things that are completely unattainable or not within your means can actually maximise efficiency. As long as you have faith in your judgement you can negotiate when to stand your ground and when to take into account the opinions of people that matter and people that are trying to advance your aims, not get a better deal for themselves.

Tip #4 Love Yourself 

We cannot stress how central confidence and self love are to individual success, whether that be in business or in personal life. Once you are happy with yourself, everything else will fall into place. Whether it’s repeating Neon Moon’s 10 body positive messages to say to yourself every day in the mirror or just learning to appreciate your strengths in new and exciting ways, once you practice self love, as opposed to self hate and negativity, you will see the benefits reflecting back on you almost instantly. It may seem corny, but one of the best ways to instantly feel the reward of self love is to compliment someone else. Love the trousers the girl in the bathroom is wearing? Tell her! You’ll instantly feel rewarded with a smile and probably get a compliment in return. And no, you won’t look like a weirdo. You’ll just make someone else’s day!

Tip #5 Be Efficient

Are you a morning person? Okay then, work out in the morning so that you’re set for a day of work by the time you get your trainers off. A night owl? Schedule your time so that you can fire off emails and get chores done before you head to bed. Whatever your most productive hours are, no matter what time, capitalise on that. Time is money. You have the same hours in a day as Beyoncé, how are you going to use them? A great way to maximise efficiency is to set a weekly routine that you not only stick with but schedule in leisure time, so that you are obliged to strike a balance, particularly if you are self employed.

Tip #6 Take Downtime

As important as it is to be productive, your worth cannot be measured by wealth or productivity. Once your to do list is done, take time to sit back and reflect on your achievements as well as switch off from them completely. It is imperative to use this down time away from work interactions. A good idea is to schedule time in a day, whether that’s meal times or social time to put your phone on airplane mode in order to completely detach from that ting in your inbox and that pressing to do list.

Tip #7 Make Contacts

People are everything when you are trying to carve a name for yourself, or trying to make a new group of empowering and exciting friends. Even if you have the most amazing business idea with so much potential to flourish, the idea will still be highly reliant on supporters and acquaintances to get rolling. Networking is a huge part of business, but it doesn’t mean what it used to. Social networking is just as important as face to face meeting, and your online presence plays a huge part in the early success of a business. Make sure to be on brand at all times, keep aesthetics in mind and don’t be afraid to add people on Facebook. They might just be your next best friend or business partner.

Tip #8 Practice Makes Perfect

Okay, falling off the horse is hard. Fucking up something you have emotionally invested the entirety of your being is soul crushing. Getting hate or criticism online is enough to tip you over the edge some days, and before you know it you’re wrapped in your duvet like a jumbo California roll and the world seems too much. But you have to fall of the horse a few times before you win rosettes. There is no shame in practising if the end result is perfect.

Tip #9 Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff

Sometimes it is the smallest of hurdles that can cause the greatest injury. In order to keep going forwards, you can’t sweat the little things. Keep looking towards the bigger picture. If you are a visual worker, keep physical reminders and pictures of your end goal, such as your brand’s logo, imagining it blazoned across billboards and busses. It seems silly, but in everyday life it is so important to maintain perspective. If an order fucks up or your staff are inefficient then don’t compromise; quickly reach the most efficient solution and then move on. Getting upset over it won’t help anyone.

Tip #10 It’s All in the Mind

If you’ve learned anything from this How To it should be that #Girlboss is a state of mind. Boss, overall, is a state of mind. If you believe you can do something, and can convince others that you are capable, then there will be no one else to hold you back but yourself. If you keep in mind our tips, you have all the tools to boss through everyday life. Neon Moon wants to help empower our supporters to strive towards being the best version of themselves. We believe in you. Start believing in yourself.

Now get out there and kick some arse, #Girlboss!


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