How Does A Woman’s Body Change After Sex?

Posted on 21 November 2017

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Most women are wondering what happens after sex because the female body does go through some rather unique, significant changes. We are here to tell you about some of the most important changes that appear after you have sex, but if you believe that something is wrong and you don’t feel well it’s a very good idea to visit your local physician.

What you should note here is that the outer part of the human body isn’t really affected by sex. Sure, some believe that the women’s breast grows larger and their hips wider, but this is the only speculation without any good proof to back it up.

Internal changes

The female body changes after losing virginity, but it also changes after sex too. For example, you will feel sore breasts at first. On top of that, hormonal changes can shift your period, although your period can also be affected by a multitude of other factors too. 

In case you have sex on a regular basis, you may also experience discomfort in the vaginal area. While these may seem strange symptoms at first, this happens because the vaginal area is very lubricated during sex and then it dries after the intercourse.

Do your breasts grow after having sex?

They do become firmer, and they get a bit enhanced, but this happens only a tiny bit. There’s no way to determine that your breasts can get bigger if you have sex often, so you shouldn’t believe this type of claim. Some women experience this often, but you don’t have to worry. Such changes are normal, and the breast size isn’t affected in the long term, only temporary. 

Some women have a different opinion about what happens after sex. For example, they have sore breasts and they feel bloated, some of them even giddy and nauseous. These are classic PMS symptoms, but they are natural after sex, so try to keep that in mind.

You feel that you have a better body

While you may feel that, it’s not the case. But yes, sexual intercourse offers you a boost of confidence. This is caused by the positive hormones such as serotonin and endorphins in your body. Also, sexual activity releases anti-stress hormones into your body too!

Flexible vaginal region and sensitive nipples

Your clitoris and vaginal walls are pretty durable, yet this is one of the major ways the female body changes after losing virginity. The vaginal walls expand, and they get to be more flexible. This is the reason why you encounter less pain when you have sex often. In the case of your nipples, they can become very sensitive, mostly because they are coupled with muscular tension. As you have sex, your body directs the blood flow towards your nipples. You can end up having goosebumps, which is always an awesome sensation.

One thing is certain; there are lots of things which happen after you have sex, so you have to keep all of them into account. But even so, the female body changes are different from one woman to the other. So, it’s important to talk with your doctor to talk about any changes and see if there are any reasons to be worried or not!


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