5 Easy Steps To Learn To Love Yourself

It can be hard to love yourself completely in a society full of vanity that practically funds the beauty industry. It's in these times (2018 can you believe?!) where we are still shown the same westernised beauty standard throughout advertising and social media, that we could use a bit of a laugh and a dash of reality. We're going to show you exactly why you should love yourself and how you can learn too. Here are 5 ways you can be radical and through out time, learn to love yourself wholly and say "eff you" to the world (here, have a bit of humour to make this less daunting too babe!) 


Oprah Winfrey self care meme BodyPositiveMemes

Instagram / @bodypositivememes

This is the very first point on our list for a reason queens. Here at Neon Moon, we cannot emphasise the stress of self care enough. The idea of self care is different for everyone. It can be bubble baths and champagne (see Oprah chilling above), going for a walk and feeling some sunshine on your face, or even being consistent with a skincare routine. Whatever works for you baby, you do just that. At times when you are feeling low about yourself, you fully deserve to indulge your beautiful self in some self care (we completely support it). 


Sarah Pocock / Buzzfeed body positive meme

Sarah Pocock / Buzzfeed

Please understand that the image of the "perfect woman" that's shoved in our faces from the magazines to social media is not the way you have to, or should look. BEAUTY STANDARDS ARE BULLSHIT. We were not born to be the same. There is no right way to be a woman, you just be you. Don't let society and the media tell you that your body hair is unfeminine and unhygienic, that your beautiful skin isn't the right colour, that your belly is too big because it's BULLSHIT. You just stay out here being cute and kick start your journey to self love. 


Body positive illustration

rookiemag.com / Illustration by Esme

If you feel the image that idea of beautiful that is presented to us by the media is damaging to your progression of self love, maybe take a step back for your own health babe. If following body positive influencers and bloggers who embrace diversity would help you see that you are worthy of self love, then get your arse on Instagram and get following! Seeing your body type represented will help your self esteem massively. But don't try compare yourself to anyone beaut, you're an individual and you own it.


Winnie The Pooh BodyPositiveMemes

Instagram / @bodypositivememes

Fashion is for everyone and don't ever let anyone tell you that you can't wear a crop top because you're showing your cute tum to the world. If you want your body to be seen, then you deserve for it to be seen. Stick your middle finger up to those who try to police your body and wear some hot pants, because we guarantee you will look absolutely flawless. It can take time to go out in public and wear what you really want, but if you feel ready to dress how you really want then go for it, queen!


Realistic Barbie

Illustration by @fdxadhd

Actually say this to yourself, "I Am Beautiful!". Look at yo' beautiful self in the mirror and tell yourself that you are beautiful ans you are worthy. Even if you don't feel it yet, you are. Imagine yourself, feeling so confident and in love with yourself that you believe it when you tell yourself you are beautiful. It will get easier babe, and with time you will learn to love yourself internally. Just ask Realistic Barbie above.

There you have it babes, kick those generic beauty standards up the arse and show the world what a f*cking stunner you are! Say "eff you!" with us!

Do any of you queens have any tips on learning to love yourself? Let us know in the comments section below!