Feminist Underwear Kickstarter: Reminiscence O'Clock

Posted on 01 September 2016

When in the middle of a busy or stressful period, it’s always good to take a look back and see how far you’ve come and keep things in perspective. 2014 marked the beginning of the idea of Neon Moon, a brand to change the way women were represented in fashion. Two years later, my frustration with the narrow standards of beauty in the lingerie industry has resulted in my own lingerie brand that is inspiring to women all over the world.

After coming up with the idea for Neon Moon in 2014, I have received incredible support from The Prince’s Trust. I got accepted to their enterprise programme and I used my time researching, test-trading and speaking to as many people as I could, learning how to plan, manufacture, market and distribute Neon Moon bras and knickers to girls around the world. Even before the programme had ended, I launched the brand on Kickstarter in March 2015 and it has been an incredible whirlwind ever since.

Gaining momentum and supporters quickly, the cause reached and surpassed the funding goal I had set, exceeding it by 150%. During the campaign, the brand even gained some celebrity supporters, like Zooey Deschanel and George Takei. Neon Moon also received a lot of attention from the press, being written about nationally and internationally. Thanks to hundreds of people who donated Neon Moon is able to make women around feel represented and happy. To this day, I am still humbled and incredibly thankful to everyone who was part of Neon Moon from the start. Every pound and every penny helped to get us to the point we are are, and to help the brand keep expanding and reaching more and more people.

George Takei Neon Moon Body Positive Lingerie

Kick starter was incredible. Apart from the incredible and increased support we have received, not much has changed from those early days. The ethos of the brand has always been, and will be, the same. I was tired of waiting for the industry to change and instead decided to be the change I wanted to see, creating a brand based on my values. Our manifesto is based on four pillars defined from our Kickstarter days: Neon Moon is objectification, sexualization, photoshop, and sweatshop-free. As I said on the Kickstarter page itself: “Neon Moon is a lingerie brand that is not here to make girls insecure, but to encourage all to seek more through successes… It's important for girls to not compare themselves to unachievable standards of 'beauty', but to succeed in their own way, and not purely out of the male gaze”. 

Because we deserve better.

Thank you to you for making Neon Moon a reality.



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