Does This Make Me A Bad Feminist?

Posted on 09 November 2017

At Neon Moon HQ we are always discussing what it is that makes a feminist. Although the definition is simple and grounded in equality and intersectionalism, in this third wave feminist and social media age it seems that everyone is telling you the right and wrong ways to be a feminist and how to avoid being the dreaded non-intersectional feminist (see our guide for that here). So here it goes, our list of things we’re scared make us bad feminists. Have we said feminist enough times? No. Never. FEMINIST.

*This list is intended to be light hearted and satirical, PLEASE don’t take it too seriously lovelies. Love, Neon Moon x

  1. Shaving our legs in summer. In winter we welcome the yeti pins with open yeti arms.
  1. Shaving our armpits (not our CEO Hayat though).

Hayat Rachi

  1. Having a boyfriend. Euch, love. Euch, men. Euch.
  1. Getting married. Yikes. Down with patriarchal institutions.
  1. Wanting to look sexy in Neon Moon lingerie. Sexy is an oppressive construct, gals.
  1. Posting a selfie on Instagram. Wait, am I objectifying myself? Is that possible?
  1. And on that note, thinking other people are hot. How do I know if I’m objectifying you???
  1. Not having sex. Surely the only empowering thing to do is to be having ALL the sexual experiences with ALL the humans.
  1. Holding religious beliefs and faith. Because all religion does is oppress and devalue and hate women, right? Thanks Daily Mail. Thanks a lot.
  1. Wearing make up. Because a full face of make up is only applied meticulously every day to satisfy the male gaze. Because they can definitely tell the difference between Orgasm and Deep Throat. (Nars blushers really do have THE BEST names).
  1. Dressing conservatively. What if I don’t want to #freethenipple? What if it’s very cold outside? What if I want to keep the nipple cosy and warm by the fire?
  1. Wanting children, because feminists are all career bosses who are repulsed by infants and espouse the negatives of reproductive futurism in angry Twitter feeds all day long.
  1. But what if I want to be a stay at home mum AND a feminist??? Hahaha. Not possible. Feminists are only allowed to wear suits and warm their hands on the embers of men’s bones.
  2. Being generally girly. Because nothing is more feminist than deploring female stereotypes on the basis that they’re stereotypes. No, you must destroy any pink and fluffy possessions. Including any pets that fit that criteria.
  1. Living an authentic life exactly how I want to. Because feminists can’t just go around doing what they want. Can they?

Have you got anymore light hearted suggestions for our lists, fierce feminists? Let us know in the comments below!


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