Bras for Small Breasts

Posted on 17 November 2017

Finding the right bra size for small breasts can be daunting. You might be bothered about straps slipping, oversized cups and other forms of struggles to find the right size and shape. Don't worry. At Neon Moon, we always consider females with small busts when producing our bras.

There are now plenty of options to choose from that will dovetail with your desire in a bra. Our bras for small sized busts come in lots of designs, ranging from patterned designed bras to improve the aesthetics to those with structured looks to accentuate your bust. 

Here are a 5 bra styles that will fit seamlessly with the size of your small breasts:  

Neon Moon Phoebe

1. A Lace Triangle Bra 

Nothing says, "I love my small breasts" more than a lace triangle bra, and boy have we created the perfect one! Lace triangle bras are the perfect combination as they flatter your bust in a delicate way while giving you mild support. Our PHOEBE Lace Bra is perfect layered under summer tops and dresses and so versatile you can wear it from work to an after-party!

2. A Triangle Bra

If you are looking to increase the size of your bust by inches with a Painted Non Bra, you can achieve this. The Triangle Bra is characterised by a strong strap built to enhance support. Its design is fabulous and stunning with soft triangle cups for the comfort of your bust. 


3. A Perforated Bra

What the heck is a perforated bra you ask? Well we created one! There are lots of bras with different patterns out there that you can choose from to satisfy your taste. This style is super comfortable while looking amazing on both small and big breasts alike. Looking for a bra that stands out in a chic and minimalist way? Well this is the SONJA Perforated Bra. This perforated bra accentuates your bust with the fabric standing out with your curves. It has straps that are adjustable allowing you to modify your overall look.  


4. A Bandeau Bra 

Nothing is more frustrating than wearing a bra that is uncomfortable. Sometimes you need a bra designed for a specific function, to look amazing and make you feel incredible, and our MIA Lace Bandeau Bra does just that. You may need to attend an event that needs donning a strapless dress or shoulder-baring dress. With this lace bandeau bra, you can bring out the stylish Queen in you! A floral lace design that isn't scratchy and is super comfortable is the go-to style for your small breasts. Thank us later!  

5. A Polka Dot Mesh Bra

So cute right! A polka dot mesh bra not only looks so amazing on, but gives your small bust a stunning bra to look stunning in. What this bra does perfectly is give you a sense of focus on the dots, so however small your breasts, they will without a doubt look amazing in our MONA Polka Dot Bra.

Don't believe us? Here are a couple of our customers who have submitted #NeonMoonSelfies to our Selfies Page, showcasing their small breasts in our amazing lingerie!

Neon Moon SelfieNeon Moon SelfieNeon Moon Selfie

And there you have it! These are the bras for small busts that will get you through any occasion that comes up, whether it be everyday wear or for a strapless dress. All hope is not lost, right?

They provide nicely fitted cups, well designed, and an increased level of comfort due to the non-slipping of the straps. But that was only 5 examples! We have so many more choices for you in our online store today.

If you have trouble finding a bra for your small sized boobs, here at Neon Moon we have an assortment of super comfortable, high quality bras that are perfect for all types of boobs, regardless of the size. So, what are you waiting for? Check out our online store today. We have the perfect bra in-store for you. 


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