Body Positivity, Body empowerment and Self Love: My Journey


My journey to get to the place where I am today has been a long one and I am proud to say that I am still on that journey. Suffering with anxiety and depression did not make it easy going through adolescence, having to deal with being happy with my body and my height (which I struggled with) but also being so consumed with if I fitted in with my peers, I did reach my lowest points on more than one occasion. 

I still have anxiety up until this day but I have learned how to work through it the best way I can, granted I still have my days where I feel overcome and super anxious but I never let it stop my self-love journey and where I am currently because I know better now.

My self-love and body positivity has come from me appreciating who I am and knowing that I am a badass and I won’t be defined by the way I look, colour of my skin my weight or my height and I surely won’t dislike myself for fearlessly living my best life and speaking my truth, and the truth of many other women! Making it known that we as women are strong as hell and deserve to have our voices heard and platforms to speak upon.

I have not got to this point of my journey on my own I have had many therapy sessions over the last 9 years and with the help from my family, my best friend Sophie and her endless best friend talks when I have been feeling high and low. I have gotten to a space where I am much clearer on my vision and where I am going with my life! 

I like to meditate and speak positive affirmations into the universe, this can be hard to do but it does work. Speaking positively and asking the universe for what I want has helped me manifest a lot of the opportunities I have had cross my path in the last two years. It has also helped me become clearer and calmer within myself. I have been able to be a Neon Moon model and work with one of the most fearless lingerie brands out right now and have been on both the BBC (The Victoria Derbyshire show) and the Channel 5 news - I am given a platform to speak on the topics that are close to me and that I feel need changing like positive representation and ACTUAL  diversity and inclusion within the feminist spectrum in mainstream media and fashion.

My aim is always to be the best version of myself and to be better than I was the previous day!

Thank you, Neon Moon, for leading that path in female empowerment, self-love and body positivity and for allowing me to continue to flourish.