Badass Astrology: Empowerment Through The Stars

When most people approach Astrology and their sign, they think they are looking in a mirror. Their sign being the exact definition of who they are as a person; no secrets, it’s all as plain as the constellations in the sky. They may find that they are bound to be this person who was predetermined, which can lead to dissatisfaction with the being one is. It’s understandable and quite frankly, ​easy to take your star signs at face value; never questioning or delving into the person who you ​could ​be. If this sounds like you, or someone you know then this is the article for you. 

Badass Astrology: Empowerment Through The Stars

In my personal journey with astrology, I most definitely went through a phase where I thought that I had to be the person I read about in my horoscope. Every reading I found myself walking away and thinking: “wow, I need to be more like that because I’m not the way at all!”

My daily horoscope would be a mandate, and all further research was an instruction manual. My obsession with becoming the ​perfect Pisces ​left me feeling empty. If you’re reading this then you could well be a strong, empowered woman who knows what she wants in this world, so you might not understand but, the stars are just a guide! After a few months of comparing myself to more accomplished similar signs, I found that every one of them was extremely different from the next. (Excluding the fact that we all have a whole chart with various placements and aspects, it is still just a fine layout of the potential person you could be.) After studying for some time, I have come to believe that astrology is not a rule book or soul manual.

It is tempting to let the stars rule everything you do because innately, humans love order and control. We are pre-dispositioned to want to have a sense of categorization; want to put labels on everything, including ourselves. Where we fall in the zodiac is really just another way for us to classify ourselves, and with that way of thinking, we will never have the stars work in our fashion. We must see astrology as a path of further enlightenment and understanding of our higher being. While big brands what to commodify and capitalize on the collectives budding spiritual resurgence, we must remember where these sacred practices come from. In the days of Babylonia and fig trees, rulers would have mystical advisors; letting them examine the stars and use this information to inform of whether a move was wise. Using the sky to help with predictions is an ancient art, but most want you to see it as a g*psies scam or hippie fashion statement. Watering down such revered practices has led the masses to misinterpret the art of astrology. Daily horoscopes have been gutted of true information and filled with ear-pleasing, shallow descriptions of sun signs. Without getting too personally heated, I want to press the importance of realizing that your natal birth chart is important information. Yes, it is a stellar outline of the being you are, but it is also a map, a guide. Not every Aries Sun is destined to be some blazing leader of a revolutionary change, just as not every Scorpio is a distant, recluse who is filled with secrets.

Badass Astrology: Empowerment Through The Stars

Perhaps you have heard the phrase “take everything with a grain of salt” which advises you to not take everything literally. When reading a horoscope, especially one based solely on your sun sign, you should be sceptical of the words, or at least meditate on what it could mean for that part of yourself. As a Pisces Sun, Aries Rising, sometimes I will read both the Pisces and Aries horoscope for the day because I find they each speak to a certain aspect of my personality (or one of my several personalities, haha). You should see your sign as a part of you that can express, and manifest, itself in different ways at different times. This is where it becomes important to either do some research on your natal birth chart or find a trusted astrologer to go over it with you.

The key to every bad-ass woman is that she knows her assets. She knows her strengths and her weakness. Her talents and her shadows. By educating yourself on how you can be guided by your sign, you can use daily horoscopes and readings to your advantage. Knowing how your Mercury is affected by a retrograde can help with how you prepare for certain situations; doing it all with your own personal flair. Don’t minimize your true understanding of yourself because it seems like a lot to understand, but instead maximize your awareness of your truest self. 


This article was written by a full time holistic momma who strives to put consciousness and mindfulness first.

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