An Open Letter to Justin Bieber

Dear Justin Bieber,

Look, I understand you’re still a young man, learning and head-over-heels in love. That’s cool and all, but you’re not just a regular young man. You’re someone with a platform, you’re someone with the power to influence, you’re someone with millions of other young people, who listen and learn from you.

So I wanna take a minute to share how our Neon Moon family have felt about your April fools joke. At the time of writing this, 90% of our supporters found your pregnancy announcement insensitive. The thing is some women can’t get pregnant and some have miscarriages. Pregnancy and infertility are very sensitive subjects that impact millions of people around the world, and making a joke about it could be deemed insensitive.

It’s ok to make mistakes, nobody is perfect, not even people in the spotlight. However it’s good to acknowledge where you’ve gone wrong and how it effects other people, so you can become a better role model to your (majority female) fans. I’m hoping you and other men learn from this, to make everyone more aware of the sensitivities around pregnancy loss and infertility, and to learn that it is not something to joke about.

We hope you understand the opinions of our amazing supporters. Let’s make the world a more inclusive, understanding place.

Hayat, CEO & Founder of Neon Moon

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