A Neon Moon Supporter Tweeted To Meet Us, So This Happened!

Posted on 06 July 2016

We're huge fans of social media. Social media essentially created Neon Moon as we bootstrap to create our start-up feminist lingerie brand, so we engage with our incredible supporters whenever and wherever we can! And this was just an ordinary day like any other, until an amazing supporter Shaakirah, who was down in London from her hometown of Scotland, tweeted us!

We completely admit this is so spontaneous, but SO us! Sometimes it's easy to forget that when you see our brand name and logo pop up that there are actual people behind the screen creating everything, replying to your emails and basically pushing a positive message with our amazing luxury feminist lingerie. We never created Neon Moon to be nameless or faceless, or boring quite honestly. We are going against the grain of the lingerie industry and we love it. We wouldn't change us and our feminist antics for anything in the world - so on that note have a watch of our Snapchat story below and read what Shaakirah had to say about the day too!



We Snapchat Shaakirah meeting our CEO and Founder Hayat Rachi, from entry to exit. It was such a great and spontaneous day to meet an amazing supporter of Neon Moon off the back of a tweet. And using Snapchat to document our meet up was so much fun! It was also great to read your opinions on it all via twitter! Here's a section of the lovely messages:

Neon Moon Twitter Tweets Meet Up Supporter 

We also wanted to find out what Shaakirah thought! And this is what she had to say:

Shaakirah: "The whole day was a huge exciting surprise of an adventure. I was just jokingly tweeting and thinking how lovely it would be to have access into the behind the scenes world of Neon Moon and then all of a sudden it was becoming a reality. I was giddy and nervous but it was amazing. Hayat was so welcoming and friendly, I instantly felt at ease in their offices. It was surreal seeing the photoshoot places in the flesh. Knowing how far Neon Moon had come in such a short time and seeing it for real just made me so proud and inspired. It's certainly something I'll never forget."

Make sure to add us on Snapchat (NEONMOONCO) for future fun and amazing events we throw!

What do you think of us meeting one of our amazing supporters? Let us know below!



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  • Alex: August 05, 2016

    That’s so nice! Wish you had an office in Sweden as well … :D

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