5 Ways to Instantly Feel Better

Sometimes life gets hard, and that's ok. We are all human and having a pick me up moment is a great way of being kind to yourself during the tough times. So with that being said, here are five ways to instantly feel better:

1. Clean up your act (literally)


    Whether it’s a long bath or a hot shower, being clean can make all the world of difference to your mental state. You could even go rogue and combine the two, sitting down in the shower (only a little bit kidding). Play music or have some time alone with your thoughts, light a candle and just spend some time looking after yourself. You don’t need expensive bath oils or hair masks, just switch your phone off and scrub yourself happy. Spending time away from your phone and social media is imperative to clearing your head, so soak away any negative vibes before re-joining the Instagram rat race.

    2. Get some fresh (as you can) air


    If you really can’t bear this step then skip to number three, but make sure you follow your bath or shower with cosy pyjamas, a towel turban or wrapped up in your duvet like a human burrito. Its like a hug without unnecessary human contact. If you do feel like going outside, then it can’t be stressed how good this is could be for you. Even if its just wandering to the shop for a snack or, even better, wandering without any aim then seeing that the world is still turning can do wonders for your mentality. If you can, try and get to a park where you can walk deep into it enough that cars and streets begin to disappear. Or head to the coast and spend some time watching the ocean. Nothing soothes the soul like sand between fingers and the push and pull of waves.

    3. The Great Self Love Bake Off


    It’s possible that before mindfulness and adult colouring books baking was the ultimate feel good activity. Apart from the stress of the oven and the ingredients, there is something so soothing about following instructions and the euphoria of the end product. Making something from scratch is so rewarding and self affirming, and plus calories don’t count when baking. You created those calories. You are their master. The actions of cooking can be very therapeutic, especially for a busy mind. Just make like Mary Berry get tarted up! PS, don’t feel like baking? Whizz up something soulful like a soup or even home made pizza! Take out any pent up frustration on that pizza dough. It’ll take quite a punching.

    4. Whack on some tunes

    woman wearing headphones

    Music is a sure fire way to boost your mood and invigorate yourself, on the darkest and most unproductive of days. Obviously there are some shadowy areas of Spotify to steer clear of (looking at you Sad Movie Music playlists). You don’t have to cornily boogie around the room in your pants (feel free to though, and even better in your Neon Moon pants!) but just plugging yourself in and firing up some feel good music will boost endorphins and encourage you to have a groove or even head outside if you haven’t made it yet. Check out our Ten Empowering Songs to Start Your Day list for some ideas.

    5. Exercise (sorry…)


    Some of you may not want to read this. Exercise can be gruelling but sometimes a walk just isn’t enough to give you that same sense of achievement that a work out can. Exercise doesn’t have to mean sweaty HIIT circuits though, although high intensity training is pretty much guaranteed to give you a sweet endorphin hit after. In the long run, regular exercise improves your mental state by a tenfold. And in this day and age a gym membership is basically unnecessary. There are thousands of amazing instructional YouTube videos for everything from yoga to strength training. Doing something purely physical leaves less and less room for negative and destructive thoughts, so stretch it out and get moving.

    We hope you liked our guide on how to feel like a sparklier version of yourself! Have any other tips? Please comment them below, you never know whose day you could improve!

    With Love, Neon Moon.



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