10 Empowering Songs To Start Your Day

Everything in the universe has a rhythm, everything dances.” - Maya Angelou

 Music is a mood busting, patriarchy fighting, confidence boosting babe. There are hundreds of philosophical arguments exploring the affects of music and its values (looking at you Nietzsche you hun) but at Neon Moon we simply know that music makes you feel bad ass. Let the rhythms of our top ten empowering songs help you dance through every day life.

1. Irreplaceable, Beyoncé

Our first spot obviously had to be nabbed by Queen B. Picking one tune out of her bulging empowering repertoire was hard but this classic snatched center stage. Yes, she’s singing about a man, and yes about a break up. But her confidence and attitude exudes from every word. Bow down bitches.

2. Stronger, Kelly Clarkson

Another pop banger which snuck its way in is Kelly Clarkson’s independent anthem. We feel very sorry to whoever was on the receiving end of this tune because it has long been the theme song of the boss ass bitch. We totally love how Clarkson has handled criticism over her baby weight, smashing down beauty standards with every public appearance. Love you Kelly.

3. Bad Girls, M.I.A

If this song doesn’t make you feel like the baddest bitch in town then you are lying, you are straight up lying. Okay, it’s not the stereotypically bright eyed bushy tailed type of empowerment song but M.I.A is an icon making it in a male dominated genre, and this song reminds all those who identify as women that being bad doesn’t have to be a male domain.

4. Feelin Myself, Nicki Minaj ft Beyoncé

Okay, Bey poked her head in again. But center stage we have Miss Minaj who, especially this year, has championed for intersectional rights, constantly pulling up the music industry on its hypocritical values, treatment of women of color and refusing to let white feminists get away with their shit (Miley, what’s good?). Speaking of M.I.A making space for women in male genres, Nicki absolutely slays her rap contemporaries. You’ll certainly be feelin yourself by the end of this song.

5. Feeling Good, Nina Simone

If you haven’t read about the controversies surrounding the casting of Simone in the biopic due for release this year, Nina, then please have a read. Shockingly, the actress chosen to play Simone donned black face and a prosthetic nose for the role. Nina is an absolute legend, with songs that reach through the years to touch your soul. This song gives us goose bumps in all the right places and will keep you feeling good throughout the day. Thank you Nina Simone.

6. Back to Black, Amy Winehouse

The loss of Amy Winehouse, a young British and beautiful musician with so much art to offer to the world, was tragic beyond words. In the face of all adversity, Amy turned to music and used it to help not only her but her fans. Back to Black is painful, heart wrenching but sees Amy keep her head high and move on with her life. If you haven’t watched Oscar award winning documentary Amy, you really should.

7. Respect, Aretha Franklin

Neon Moon wants all of our supporters to demand the respect women are often denied in their every day life. Aretha’s booming and uplifting song encourages you to do so, and blasting this out during your morning shower guarantees a positive mind set for the rest of the day. R-E-S-P-E-C-T, why is it so hard for some people to understand??

8. I’m Coming Out, Diana Ross

One of our favorite every Tweets was from miss Ruby Tandoh, Great British Bake Off contestant and food writer, who used this song to publically come out as gay to the media as well as hit out at misogynist speculations about her whilst she was on the show. Ruby, you are our favorite human ever. Coming out narratives aside, have you ever heard a more self affirming song? No? Us neither.  

9. Don’t Be So Hard On Yourself, Jess Glynne

Glynne’s debut album received lots of attention following her reveal that it was about her ex partner, a woman with who she shared a long relationship with. Glynne’s unapologetically emotional and often upbeat songs provide the perfect background music to encourage you to keep moving and stay positive regardless of the circumstances. Go Jess! Go us, too!

10.  Flawless, Beyoncé ft. Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie


Okay, we couldn’t help ourselves. We admit it, we are Beyonce-holics. Here she is again, the queen absolutely slaying the competition with her unapologetic and upfront feminist message. Remember, you have the same hours in a day as Beyoncé. And if you can spend some of that time quoting Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie then you bloody well should. Her word is gospel. 

What songs would you add to the list? P.S. Have you seen our stunning badass lingerie? You can shop our full collection here.