Q&A With #NeonMoonCelebrateYou Model, Anisimeoku

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Here at Neon Moon we are all about bringing representation and diversity to the lingerie industry in an unapologetic and beautiful way! So when we had Annie apply to be one of our Neon Moon Celebrate You models, we couldn't help but scream with joy. We had her photographed by Yasmin Benamar. Have a read of her lovely views below, and let us know your thoughts in the comments section!

Name: Anisimeoku aka Annie
Age: 21
Sexuality: Straight
Gender: Female

1. What made you want to be involved with Neon Moon?

I bumped into Neon Moon page on Instagram (@neonmoonco) and I was instantly hooked. It's really hard to find a lingerie brand nowadays that uses real models and no Photoshop. The images were amazing, the lingerie looked divine and for the first time in a long time I felt represented by a model. When I saw that Neon Moon was looking for a model, I knew that I wanted to inspire other women who are not always proud of their "imperfect" bodies.

2. Who has influenced you most throughout your life?

Easy: the women in my family. All beautiful and smart black Afroitalian women who taught me everything that I know now.

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3. What has been your hardest struggle to overcome?

Leaving Italy when I was 18 definitely was the hardest decision that I've had to take so far in my life. It wasn't easy to leave my family, friends, daily routine and my comfort zone all at once but I knew that I needed new and bigger challenges in order to grow up. 

4. When have you been the most proud of yourself?

I am a blogger and I still do remember like it was yesterday the first ever collaboration proposal from a beloved fashion brand. As soon as I read the email, I was screaming and jumping and crying all over the place, trying to share the good news with family and friends. I never felt so proud of all the sacrifices made for my blog. I will never forget that!

Neon Moon White Lingerie Annie Feminist Underwear

5. If you could give one piece of advice to women all over the world, what would it be?

"Never underestimate yourself". Us women sometimes easily forget how powerful, beautiful and intelligent we are, no matter what other people may think or say.

6. What does Neon Moon's campaign #NeonMoonCelebrateYou mean to you?

For me is a constant reminder that no matter what shape you are, Neon Moon's lingerie is there to support you and make you feel special like a million dollar bill.

What do you think of Annie's Q&A? What do you think about our #NeonMoonCelebrateYou campaign? Let us know below!



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