It's Our First Birthday!

Posted on 10 March 2016

Neon Moon First Birthday - feminist underwear

A person’s first birthday is generally celebrated on a much larger scale than the rest of the (sober) birthdays they have in their life time. Yes, the kid doesn’t know what’s going on and yes they will never remember more than what their mind collages from photographs and stories. The thing about turning one is that it’s a milestone that not only marks the struggles and the progress, but it’s a birthday brimming with potential and splitting at the seams with promise and excitement. Neon Moon could not be more ecstatic about turning one today. Built from nothing but undiluted inspiration and frustration, Neon Moon has grown to be a unique and leading lingerie company and although we’re still learning lessons we have achieved so much. 

You can check out Neon Moon’s and CEO and founder Hayat Rachi’s entire story here but for those of you who don’t know, Neon Moon is the brain child of a strong, independent human being who realised that the lingerie industry as it stands failed to represent and empower those who identify as women. Rachi, with the help of The Prince’s Trust charity, began to build Neon Moon from scratch and came to launch a highly successful Kickstarter campaign in order to help finance the production of the very first gorgeous lingerie sets that customers have come to adore. Off the back of Neon Moon’s immediate popularity, our brand has continued to grow worldwide and has amassed an amazing social media following where we are proud to see beautiful people engaging and supporting us every single day.

Most of all, we want to thank you. Thank you if you’ve ever followed Neon Moon on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, bought our feminist underwear or even those of you who were with us from the very start. Without the help of The Prince’s Trust and the fantastic backers we received on Kickstarter, Neon Moon would not be half of the brand that it is now. Every contribution that you have made has made you part of the Neon Moon family, and we love each and every one of you individually. By being a part of Neon Moon, you are working towards shaping the world into a more accepting, intersectional and representative place.

Neon Moon would also like to thank those who have covered us online and in the media, for spreading our ethos is integral to our feminist philosophy. Neon Moon wants people to listen, especially to things they might have been consciously ignoring in the past; the use of sweatshops to manufacture, the hyper sexualisation of women in advertisement, the pressures people feel to conform to beauty norms. With every share, every article and every editorial Neon Moon can continue to break down the social structures that imprison women each and every day. Information is power. Information is freedom.

And that is the work that we want to continue doing in the future. Neon Moon is still so young, barely out of nappies. But our direction is clear. Representation is at the heart of our brand’s feminist ethos and with that in mind as the company grows we will aim to expand not only the colour and style of our lingerie but most importantly the sizes. As Neon Moon grows, so will our ability to meet all of the needs of all of our supporters. Neon Moon was born from inspiration, and we want to continue to inspire you all every single day to live an authentic life and practice self love.

For now, lets celebrate ourselves but also let’s celebrate Neon Moon. Well done guys, we did it! The journey is still long, but we will continue to walk down the path to a brighter, feminist future.

Love, Neon Moon. x



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  • Delaney : March 10, 2016

    Woohoo! Yay! Neon Moon is revolutionary :) and the women who support, engage with it and wear it are the powerhouses! Thanks Hayat & Crew and all the other supporters. Happy Birthday :)

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