Wow. It's not even been a month since the Neon Moon team released our #NeonMoonCelebrateYou campaign but so much has happened since we did. From heated press to celebrity endorsement from George Takei, #NeonMoonCelebrateYou took off to an extent that none of us could have imagined. Our campaign video has over 125,000 views on Youtube and 70,000 views on Facebook - incredible! Our CEO Hayat Rachi's sudden brainwave to release an alternative Valentines Day campaign snowballed so suddenly from scribbles on a page to the final product and we have you to thank for it. If it hadn't been for the overwhelming response to us asking our Twitter, Facebook and Instagram supporters what annoys you most about Valentines Day then none of this would have been possible. 

Amey Neon Moon Model 50 years old

At Neon Moon, we thrive off of our supporters. You are what makes Neon Moon so beautiful, fresh and exciting. Therefore, #NeonMoonCelebrateYou became the most beautiful, fresh and exciting Valentines campaign in the media. So thank you. The concept for the campaign was fairly simple, growing from a frustration with the lack of diversity specifically flagged up by aggressively heteronormative Valentines traditions and advertising that not only annoyed us, but annoyed you as well. We wanted to offer an alternative, body positive and inclusive approach to Valentines, where self love triumphed above all, and that can be applied all year round.

Neon Moon Celebrate You Best Friends

What made all of CEO Hayat's ideas fall into place was our outstanding models. They are not only beautiful but unique, smart and brave. The team instantly fell in love with their stories and their presence, which certainly come across in the honest and simple campaign video. If you would like to know more about our models - Laura, Amey, Robyn and Izzy - then please head to our Q&A's where you can read their full stories in detail. What was most striking about our amazing models was their strength and conviction in who they are and this is something we want to encourage across the board - an unapologetic selfhood, a stripping of the shame society burdens women with.

Neon Moon Laura celebrate you

Within days, our campaign had amassed thousands of views and comments which is unsurprising considering how much it differs to standard objectifying Valentines images. At Neon Moon HQ we felt like proud parents releasing Hayat's brainchild out into the world. What is most important is that we didn't fear negative reactions, or any hate towards the campaign because any negative reaction would be shadowed by the empowerment felt by our supporters. Empowerment from seeing women like them, with scars and stretch marks, body hair, lumps and bumps that the media erases and capitalises from. If #NeonMoonCelebrateYou empowers just one woman to look in the mirror and smile at what she sees, then we have succeeded. And indeed we did succeed. We received countless messages and emails from women thanking us for showing them that their bodies are beautiful, not in spite of their flaws but because of them.

Neon Moon PRESS Bustle Mail Online Good Self Frisky People Huffington Post

Aside from the reception of our supporters and customers, #NeonMoonCelebrateYou attracted a lot of attention from the press. Our campaign was covered by The Daily Mail, The Huffington Post, Bustle and American TV programme The Doctors News in 2Minutes to name a few. Not only did the press love the campaign, but we also received celebrity endorsement from the legendary George Takei, an LGBT and TV icon who has been a shining beacon for marginalised people throughout his career.

Neon Moon George Takei

Takei's public support on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram meant so much to the team because it reinforced just how much the campaign achieved. It also made the team realise that self love isn't some niche and strange idea. It made us realise that, in fact, #NeonMoonCelebrateYou was a campaign that mainstream media and the general public as a whole could get on board with. At the end of the day everyone deserves to be loved. Everyone deserves to be celebrated. So why not celebrate you today?

Thank you for reading! Let us know your thoughts below!