Q&A With #NeonMoonCelebrateYou Model, Amey

Posted on 12 February 2016

Neon Moon Amey Stretchmarks

We have had so much fun sharing all of our #NeonMoonCelebrateYou models Q&As this week, and we now conclude with the amazing Amey! With so many years of self-love behind her we have a lot to learn from this lovely lady. Have a read and let us know your thoughts in the comments section below!

Name: Amey
Age: 50
Sexuality: Straight
Gender: Female

1. What made you want to be involved with Neon Moon?
Well as youngster I always fantasised about being a model but because I wasn't tall enough or skinny enough at that time it wasn't possible. I thought it was really refreshing to hear that Neon Moon were not going for the usual slim, young, white models. The whole concept of using women with all body types really excited me and I wanted to get involved.

2. Who has influenced you most throughout your life?
I suppose the only person I've ever 'idolised' was Grace Jones when I was in my late teens early twenties. I loved her individuality and her strength and power. But generally speaking I don't have 'idols'. I tend to seek the counsel of people who know and love me - my close friends.

#NeonMoonCelebrateYou Model Amey

3. What has been your hardest struggle to overcome?
Well to be honest I had a bit of a problem with alcohol a few years back. My alcohol consumption was having a negative affect on my life. I was getting into all sorts of scrapes so I knocked it on the head. Trust me, it wasn't easy but I'm happy to say that I'll be celebrating 10 years sober in June.

4. When have you been the most proud of yourself?
Most of my proudest moments are connected to my daughter. I am a really proud mum! Her name is Zakia Sewell and she is a source of great pride to me. She attended Oxford university, she's a DJ, a model, she sings and she recently co-produced a BBC Radio 4 programme commemorating 50 years since the first legislation was created to protect immigrants from racism and prejudice in Britain. So proud!

#NeonMoonCelebrateYou Model Amey

5. If you could give one piece of advice to women all over the world, what would it be?
Show yourself some love, you are enough just the way you are.

6. What does Neon Moon's campaign #NeonMoonCelebrateYou mean to you?
The response to my part in the campaign from my female friends has been phenomenal. I've had so many messages thanking me for my bravery and as many messages telling me how beautiful I am. I think what I've discovered is that I am beautiful just the way I am, stretch marks and all. I don't have to roll up and die just because I'm 50. I can still stand up and be counted. And we hope that by seeing themselves reflected in the Neon Moon models other women will be empowered and celebrate their own beauty.

What do you think of our #NeonMoonCelebrateYou campaign? Let us know your thoughts on Amey's Q&A below!




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