Q&A With #NeonMoonCelebrateYou Model, Robyn

Posted on 11 February 2016

Neon Moon Robyn Non bra

We sat down with our incredible #NeonMoonCelebrateYou model, Robyn. She opens up about her journey of body positivity, and life after Neon Moon's video campaign. It's a real tear jerker that left our team so emotional! Have a read of our amazing Q&A below! Trigger warning: self-harm and scars

Name: Robyn
Age: 21
Sexuality: Bisexual
Gender: Female

1. What made you want to be involved with Neon Moon?
After checking out the website I just really felt like the women in the photos looked really happy and content with themselves, it looked infectious and I wanted to be involved too! I’ve always been quite confident with my body even when I’ve been a bit plump, but before Christmas last year I tried to take my own life which gave me a lot of self-inflicted scars, they really changed the previously body positive attitude I’d always had and I thought being involved with Neon Moon might be the opportunity to change this.

2. Who has influenced you most throughout your life?
It’s kind of a cliche, but my parents. My dad has suffered with his health more severely than anyone else I know; he once died for the best part of half an hour, he’s lost a sixth of his brain, had two severe strokes and his heart valve replaced with a metal one but he still gets on with his life the best he can. As someone who now has several physical illnesses he makes me think I can still do anything if I put my mind to it! The first time he fell ill I saved his life, I was only eight but I think it’s left us with the most unbreakable bond. And my mum is the fiercest women I have ever met, she is clever and resourceful in ways I could never be and has managed to keep our family together, alive and happy, despite the odds.

Neon Moon Robyn Triangle Bra

3. What has been your hardest struggle to overcome?
I have three invisible physical illnesses as well as a life-long battle with OCD and depression, so it’s always been quite a challenge for me to try to live the most normal life I can, especially when I don’t look ill on the outside. It never gets easier but I’ve learnt to try to keep adapting as best as I can.

4. When have you been the most proud of yourself?
Before the Neon Moon shoot I hadn’t worn short sleeves at all since my suicide attempt because I felt so ashamed of my scars, but afterwards I felt so liberated that I went home to change into a sleeveless dress that I’d wanted to wear for ages. That night I was out with all my friends and I was so happy, I literally couldn’t stop smiling. When I could see people staring at my scars I no longer felt ashamed, now they remind me of what a strong, unbreakable person I am. A week or so later and I’m still wearing whatever I want and it feels amazing!

Neon Moon Triangle Bra Robyn Non Bra

5. If you could give one piece of advice to women all over the world, what would it be?
That you don’t have to conform to one type of beauty and even though it can be a struggle, to try and love your body whatever it looks like. Every woman is worth more than just what they look like; the way you conduct yourself, your intellect or any other unseen aspect of yourself is much more important.

6. What does Neon Moon's campaign #NeonMoonCelebrateYou mean to you?
Celebrating the parts of yourself that you love is so important but also trying to love the parts of you that you don’t. Also, not trying to look like other people, just being yourself and trying to be happy with what you see.

What do you think of our #NeonMoonCelebrateYou campaign? Let us know your thoughts on Robyn's Q&A below! 



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  • Kat : February 25, 2016

    This was hard to read, but I have so much respect for you. You’re strong and beautiful, and I hope I can learn to love myself too. I think Neon Moon are awesome, and I’m glad I came across the site. Chin up, you have nothing to be ashamed of. I’m in utter awe about how incredibily brave you have been x

  • Karen Haigh: February 17, 2016

    I am so full of admiration for your honesty in this article knowing some of your health struggles…and as always utterly enchanted by your intelligence, beauty, elegance and grace Robyn….may you continue to fly darling girl xxx

  • Tracy Volkner: February 15, 2016

    Robyn your such a beautiful soul. Your a strong young lady and can achieve anything you desire in life. Just keep being you and stay true to yourself. Proud to know you. X

  • Maggie : February 12, 2016

    Robyn you are truly stunning inside and out, your body is beautiful and your courage is IMMENSE. I didn’t have the pleasure of you at school but I have with Archie and Will along with Meribell and Sonny, stay strong you beautiful lady xx

  • Rachel Sampson: February 11, 2016

    I am so proud of my brave daughter; she is always utterly amazing. I think it’s really difficult as a parent to watch your kids have challenges that you can’t overcome for them. Robyn tells us the story about just a little bit of her life here. With the enormous courage she shows everyday, I’m sure she will carve out a way to fulfil her dreams. My love is always with her xxx

  • Kath hudson: February 11, 2016

    Well done brave and beautiful Robyn and well done Neon Moon. Inspirational.

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